Essential Steps to Evaluate a Digital Marketing Agency

by Josh Yang  October 7, 2021 A digital marketing agency is a valuable business partner; they develop a multifaceted strategy to target your customers, build relationships, and improve your overall success. They target a variety of tactics but ultimately develop your company’s marketing efforts. Choosing the right agency isn’t always a simple task. You need to … Read more

Microsoft Leaps into the Future: Harnessing Star Power for Commercial Energy in a Groundbreaking Deal with Helion

by Troy Hanson May 15, 2023 In this article, we’ll delve into the bold new partnership announced by Microsoft and Helion, a fusion energy company.  Bucking the trend of conservative estimates, these two industry leaders are bringing fusion energy, the power source of stars, into the commercial sphere within the next five years.  This alliance marks … Read more

Sauron’s Eye Inspires New Butterfly Species Name

 by Troy Hanson May 11, 2023 In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating discovery of a new butterfly species that has been named after the infamous Lord of the Rings villain, Sauron, due to the striking resemblance between the butterfly’s wing pattern and the iconic Eye of Sauron. Key Takeaways: Discovering the Saurona Genus The … Read more

Netflix Enhances the Subtitle Experience for Tv Users with a New Customization Feature

 by Troy Hanson March 13, 2023 In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind the recent update by Netflix that allows users to customize subtitles on the TV version of the streaming platform.  Key takeaways: Netflix’s New Customizable Subtitle Feature for TV Users Netflix has introduced a new feature that lets its TV users modify … Read more

Super Mario Bros. Movie Takes Over Twitter Amidst DMCA Chaos

 by Troy Hanson May 3, 2023 In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind the rampant copyright infringement on Twitter as users keep posting the entire Super Mario Bros. movie, exploiting the platform’s lack of moderation. Key Takeaways: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Phenomenon It seems as though the Super Mario Bros. movie has taken … Read more

What Is the Cyber Threat Landscape? Find Out Here

 by Josh Yang April 18, 2022 The cyber threat landscape encompasses all the cyber threats facing a business, individual, group, network, or time period. It changes based on the potential target’s assets and protections, as well as location and other situational details that may elevate or reduce their vulnerability to attacks. What’s Included in the Threat … Read more

Is Ecommerce the Future Way of Shopping?

 by Josh Yang February 7, 2022   During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Internet has been more important than ever before. Everyone seemed to realize that almost everything can be bought online without the hassle of going to physical stores. This includes everything from the most niche technology to everyday items like groceries. Now the question is: … Read more

Barcelona Football Club to Invest in Sports Tech Start-Ups with New Innovation Strategy

 by Troy Hanson March 2, 2023 In this article, we’ll look at Barcelona’s new strategy for their Centre for Innovation and Knowledge, the Barça Innovation Hub (BIHUB), which aims to expand into sporting innovation start-up companies that share their values and passion for sport.  Key Takeaways: Barcelona Football Club has launched a new strategy for their … Read more

Companies Dishing Out Generous Relocation Packages to Lure Employees Back to the Office

 by Troy Hanson April 20, 2023 In this article, we’ll look at the lengths to which businesses are going to discourage remote work, with some companies offering generous relocation benefits to bring employees back to the office, despite the significant costs involved. Key Takeaways: The Rising Trend of Relocation Assistance in Job Listings As the pandemic … Read more