5 Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services You Need In 2023

5 Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services You Need In 2023

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With the emergence of social media, there have been significant changes in the way we communicate and gain knowledge. 

The Internet has facilitated constant connectivity, enabling us to learn about others in mere seconds. This technological shift has affected various aspects of our daily lives, including the job-hunting process.

Today, a LinkedIn profile has become indispensable for job seekers. It’s rare to find a professional in the job market without one. There are numerous reasons for its importance, which we’ll delve into later. 

While having a LinkedIn profile is now considered the minimum requirement for job seekers, it’s highly advisable to have a polished and well-crafted profile. This can make the difference between quickly securing a job and enduring months of searching through job forums.

However, many individuals struggle to write an effective and attention-grabbing profile, which is understandable as writing is a skill that requires practice and nurturing. 

If you feel unprepared to compose your own bio and descriptions of your past experiences, there’s an option to outsource these tasks to certified LinkedIn profile writers who are professionals in this field.

For those lacking confidence in crafting their LinkedIn profile, there are specialized services available for LinkedIn profile and resume writing that can handle all the necessary work on your behalf. By employing a LinkedIn profile writer, you can expect to have a well-crafted, concise, and professional LinkedIn page.

Investing in these services proves beneficial in the long run. Expert profile writers possess the required experience to make your LinkedIn profile stand out to hiring managers. They know which keywords to use, how to present your experience most effectively, and how to make your profile truly appealing.

By reading further, you’ll discover more about the top resume and LinkedIn profile writing services and their potential to enhance your job-hunting experience. We’ll elaborate on the significance of LinkedIn profiles, the key elements of the best profiles, and recommend the most reliable LinkedIn profile writing services

Embracing these services can lead to a noticeable improvement in your job search, and we’re eager to explain all the advantages they offer.

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What Does a LinkedIn Profile Writer Do?

Each expert LinkedIn profile writer and service may provide customers with somewhat different bundles and services. 

A quick consultation, a unique bio for your LinkedIn profile, an optimized work experience part with pertinent keywords, and recommendations to improve your skills section is generally what these businesses provide.

It takes more work than you may think to do this. Your LinkedIn profile will be polished by these writers so that recruiting managers can find it quickly. 

Using the right keywords is crucial in today’s environment since search engine optimization (SEO) is so important for job searches. They will aid you in customizing your job title, headline, and any other features that can grab hiring managers’ attention.

Additionally, some of the best LinkedIn profile and resume writing services could also include a separate resume writing service, which is quite helpful while looking for work. 

These resumes may sometimes be a part of the bought bundle, or they may be extra and cost money. You may get in touch with these businesses and talk about the solutions that best fit your requirements and situation.

The capacity of these services to be tailored to your particular needs and desired position is their biggest benefit. The top LinkedIn profile services allow you to customize your profile to best suit you and your desired employment position. 

When asking these writers to help you customize and optimize your profile, make sure to provide them with as much information as you can and go through the various jobs you want to apply for.

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Why is a Great LinkedIn Profile so Important?

As was already said, LinkedIn profiles are now a crucial component of the employment market. LinkedIn mainly serves as a networking tool, in addition to being a platform for job seeking and applications. 

As a result, it allows users to network with industry experts and learn about new career prospects via interactions with other LinkedIn members.

Hiring managers commonly use LinkedIn to screen applicants and compile information about them, which is an important component of LinkedIn profile writing services. According to statistics, more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a tool for finding candidates. 

Even if you submit your application for a job outside of LinkedIn, the person handling it will probably do a name search and utilize your LinkedIn profile as a crucial component of their screening process.

Although it could be unsettling to consider a hiring manager looking over your LinkedIn page, there is really a great chance to create a good first impression. 

You may amaze anybody who visits your profile by having a profile that is optimized and highlights your finest abilities and professional experience. 

In certain circumstances, hiring managers may even contact you about open positions based only on the quality of your LinkedIn profile. This is why we advise doing all you can to make sure that your biography, professional background, and skill set are portrayed in the best light.

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What Goes Into an Optimized Profile?

Generally speaking, the most successful LinkedIn profile is one that clearly highlights your professional accomplishments and acquired abilities. But doing so may be difficult since even a basic LinkedIn profile has a lot of blank space.

Typically, experienced LinkedIn profile writers begin by outlining your current or most recent employment. They then go on to discuss your two prior employment experiences while carefully including pertinent keywords connected to your industry. 

One of the first things people notice when they visit your profile is your title, which a proficient profile writer will optimize. 

They will modify your headline to match the kind of job you’re aiming for, and they could even include a value proposition statement to emphasize the advantages you would bring to the table.

Another important component of a profile that has been optimized is your About summary or LinkedIn bio. Writing a professional bio might be challenging since they’re often brief. 

It’s crucial to strike the correct mix between succinctness and precisely describing your qualifications. 

This valuable space may be used by a skilled profile writer to make your profile stand out. They’ll create an engaging article about you, your unique narrative, and your primary fields of knowledge and experience.

The probability that recruiters and hiring managers will be interested in your profile will rise if your profile includes these components.

Our Top LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Let’s now look at some of the best LinkedIn writing services created for those looking to update and optimize their LinkedIn accounts. 

These services are the best alternatives if you want to completely revamp your LinkedIn profile and bio. We will go into the unique advantages of each service and discuss the factors that contribute to their exceptional performance.

You can see a visual depiction of each company’s evaluations taken from its Google listings below the table summarising its primary characteristics. 

Always do your homework and make sure the business you choose is in line with your requirements and job search objectives if you’re thinking about utilizing any of these profile writing services.

Profile Writing Service

Where Do They Excel?

Customer Reviews

LPWriters.com Value ★★★★★
Super Star Resume Profiles for Executives ★★★★★
ZipJob Career Changes ★★★★
Resume Writers Quick Results ★★★★
Resume Writing Services Mid-Level Positions ★★★★


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1. LPWriters.com: The Best Value

LPWriters.com is a reputable service provider specialized in crafting effective LinkedIn bios and enhancing your visibility in LinkedIn searches. They offer comprehensive profile makeover services to help you secure a job in your desired field. 

With numerous industry awards and certifications, including recognition from LinkedIn, the company boasts over 15 years of experience in writing compelling LinkedIn profiles and enhancing their overall design. 

Their team of professional profile writers also offers a complimentary review of your LinkedIn profile.

LP Writers stands out as the best LinkedIn writing service for its value. We selected this resume and LinkedIn profile writing service because they provide a free profile review without any obligation to purchase their writing packages. 

The review includes an assessment of your keywords and SEO usage, evaluating if your content aligns with your career level, and determining if your profile truly impresses recruiters and hiring managers.

This is a unique service that most other companies do not offer before payment. Moreover, LP Writers offers a range of free resources dedicated to LinkedIn profiles and various tips to optimize your profile, showcasing your experience and skills in the best possible way. 

If you decide to utilize their professional profile writers, their prices for a full package start at $299.

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2. Super Star Resume: The Best Profiles for Executives

Superstar Resume logo

Super Star Resume is a complete organization that writes resumes and LinkedIn profiles. In addition to developing LinkedIn profiles, their staff of writers also offers help with cover letters, resumes, professional biographies, and interview preparation. 

Steven Mostyn, a noted authority in job search techniques, is the company’s CEO. Their remarkable resume features customers who were hired successfully by illustrious companies like Amazon, Bank of America, Oracle, Disney, and others.

Super Star Resume has been selected by us as the best LinkedIn writing service for executives. 

They’re the perfect option for CEOs, COOs, and anyone aspiring for C-Suite posts since their long list of clients includes professionals and executives who have applied for and been hired by prestigious firms. 

This service may help you optimize your LinkedIn profile to stand out in the executive job market thanks to their knowledge and years of writing experience.

The fact that they provide limitless rewrites with their bundles is one of the main benefits. Their employment tools are quite good at modifying your profile for senior leadership opportunities.

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3. ZipJob: The Best for Career Changes

You could sometimes want to change jobs or careers, whether it’s a minor move into a senior leadership position within your present business or a bigger move to a new one. 

Regardless of your unique job goals, a top-notch LinkedIn writing service may help you stand out to the businesses and positions you want. 

After doing extensive research, we were able to determine that ZipJob was the finest LinkedIn profile writing service for those looking to change careers.

With a staff of more than 100 professional resume writers, ZipJob distinguishes itself as having expertise from many different sectors. They’re well suited for those who are moving occupations because of this distinctive trait. 

Even with application tracking systems (ATS), writers can make your profile and CV stand out since they’re skilled in keyword optimization. On their website, they provide samples of their work. Their packages, which include an update to your LinkedIn profile, start at $299.

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4. Resume Writers: The Best for Quick Results

Resumewriters.com logo

A network of independently employed resume writers, The Resume Writers launched their company in 1999. They have a broad staff of trained LinkedIn profile writers with experience in many different areas, much like ZipJob. 

Their mission is to match you with the best writer for the position and industry you’re looking for. If you’re unhappy with the allocated writer’s level of experience, you may request a refund, and they’ll find you somebody who is more qualified.

The Resume Writers provide a free consultation to go through the possibilities for their LinkedIn profile writing services. 

We think of them as the finest LinkedIn writing service for rapid results since they provide a variety of writing bundles and promise a 72-hour turnaround time. 

Additionally, they guarantee interviews, which makes choosing to work with them simple. Although their packages include a range of services, the cost of their LinkedIn profile writing service is $199.

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5. Resume Writing Services: The Best for Mid-Level Positions

Using resume and LinkedIn profile services is a great method to start the process if you’re in the middle of your career and looking for a shift. You may improve your chances of landing a higher-paying job by optimizing and upgrading your profile. 

Writing resumes is one such service that might be useful in this situation. On their website, they provide client testimonials that emphasize their success stories along with an easily understandable description of their procedure. 

They normally need three steps to create a successful profile or resume: completing a short online form to submit information, setting up a time to speak with the selected professional writer, and starting work on the requested service.

We advise mid-level job searchers to employ resume writing services since most of them have expertise in human resources. You may advance considerably in your quest for senior roles with higher pay thanks to their combined expertise.

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What Makes a Writing Service Stand Out?

Certain LinkedIn writing services may distinguish themselves for several reasons. We have selected the aforementioned writing services because they employ certified and experienced writers with diverse industry backgrounds. 

Additionally, they all guarantee customer satisfaction and improved job prospects, backed by their years of expertise. Other advantages to consider include testimonials, free samples, and the availability of additional resources on their websites.

The Bottom Line: Why LPWriters.com and Super Star Resume are the Best

LPWriters.com and Super Star Resume stood out as remarkable options among the best LinkedIn writing services. In addition to offering a wealth of free online tools and advice, LPWriters.com now offers a complimentary assessment of LinkedIn accounts. This advantage is also provided by Super Star Resume, which has an entire section devoted to resources for job seeking.

In addition to using experienced, qualified LinkedIn profile writers, these profile makeover services also provide revisions and rewrites to guarantee client satisfaction with the original draft. This extra value is uncommon and priceless while looking for your ideal employment.

Regardless of the resume and LinkedIn profile writing services you investigate and decide upon, have faith in your abilities and make an effort to appropriately represent yourself on LinkedIn. 

Your knowledge has grown over time, and highlighting your achievements on LinkedIn will help your profile get more attention.

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