7 Best Business Banks in Texas Ranked for 2024

7 Best Business Banks in Texas Ranked for 2024

In the modern era, financial institutions have evolved to offer more than just a place to store money. The top banks for enterprises in Texas provide extensive services while prioritizing cost efficiency. Continue reading to discover our preferred choices for the Lone Star State and why we admire each one.

7 Best Banks for Businesses in Texas

Our Methodology

In compiling our selection of preferred Texas banks, we considered the monthly charges for maintaining an account and any additional fees that could hinder your business operations. 

We thoroughly examined the prerequisites for minimum balance and identified banks offering competitive rates within the state. Ultimately, we opted for institutions with reliable mobile applications and user-friendly systems.


Best Overall Bank for Businesses in Texas

Bluevine offers a convenient online service that is accessible from anywhere. While they don’t have a savings account option, their business checking account more than compensates for it. 

Bluevine provides patrons with impressively high-interest rates and doesn’t charge monthly fees to keep your account active. Several free ATMs are available for Texans, but charges may apply for out-of-network machines and cash deposits.

Reason for selection: Bluevine stands out as the top choice for businesses in Texas due to its combination of competitive interest rates, minimal fees, and easy maintenance of accounts.


  • Minimal fees
  • High-interest rates
  • No required minimum deposit


  • No business savings accounts are available
  • No ATM fee reimbursement
  • Charges for cash deposits


Doing business with Bluevine is completely cost-free. There are no charges for opening and maintaining an account, meaning you can transfer money and pay vendors without worries. 

While Bluevine offers a wide range of fee-free ATMs, using an out-of-network machine will result in a charge. If your business deals with cash, it’s important to be strategic to minimize the number of cash deposit charges you may face.

Interest Rates

Bluevine offers one of the finest business checking accounts, boasting an attractive interest rate of 2.0%. 

However, due to this competitive rate, Bluevine has opted not to provide a savings account for customers looking to set aside surplus funds. It’s important to mention that the interest rate above applies only to balances up to $100,000.

Minimum Balance

You can open an account with Bluevine anytime without maintaining a minimum balance. Even if your funds reach dangerously low levels, this innovative financial company will not impose any service fees on you. This greatly relieves business owners who operate within tight cash flow constraints.

Access to Mobile Banking

Bluevine, an online company, excels in mobile banking. They have developed user-friendly apps for both Android and iOS platforms, offering a seamless and comprehensive banking experience.

With these apps, you can effortlessly handle cash flows, conveniently pay vendors through wire transfers or checks, and even set up recurring payments to eliminate concerns. Bluevine ensures that its mobile banking services cater to all your financial needs efficiently and effectively.

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Wells Fargo

Best Bank in Texas for Branch Locations

Wells Fargo surpasses its competitors in Texas with an impressive 560 branch locations, demonstrating its dominance through sheer quantity. However, the bank’s influence extends beyond the Lone Star State as it boasts an extensive banking network spanning from one coast to another. 

While customers should be cautious of charges related to excessive deposits and transactions, they can at least avoid the monthly service fee through careful planning.

Reason for selection: Wells Fargo has more branches in Texas than any other financial institution, making it a prime choice for individuals who prefer face-to-face banking interactions.


  • 560 branches located throughout Texas
  • Monthly fees can be waived
  • Widespread banking network across the nation


  • Monthly fees apply
  • Fees for additional deposits or transactions
  • Low-interest rates offered


Wells Fargo offers the perfect solution for businesses with its Initiate Business Checking. It comes with a monthly service fee of only $10, which can be easily avoided by maintaining a minimum balance in your account or ledger. Regarding savings accounts, the process is similar, you can also avoid fees by setting up automatic transfers.

Interest Rates

With a Wells Fargo checking account, you won’t find any opportunities to pique your interest. However, their savings accounts more than compensate for this drawback. Even the most basic savings plans initiate with an interest rate of 0.15%, while the higher-tier options can reach an impressive APY of 2.00%.

Minimum Balance

A minimum balance of $500 is necessary to avoid the monthly service fee on the Initiate checking account. It’s important to maintain this amount throughout the entire month. 

A balance of $300 is required for introductory-level savings accounts to avoid fees. Certain savings accounts offer higher interest rates for larger balances.

Access to Mobile Banking

Conveniently manage your banking needs using Wells Fargo’s mobile app. The app allows you to access account details, transfer funds, and monitor important transactions. Additionally, with just a few taps on your phone screen, you can easily locate the nearest branch or ATM.

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Capital One

Best for Transactions

While many banks offer just a few free transactions monthly, Capital One steps up. Every digital transaction remains charge-free. They won’t ding you for overdrafts if you overshoot your balance. You’ll find branches in major cities; folks in smaller towns rely solely on online services.

Here’s why we picked it: Unlimited digital transactions mean your money moves freely.


  • No cap on digital transactions
  • Attractive promotional interest rates
  • No overdraft fees


  • Few branches
  • Monthly account fees apply
  • Charges at out-of-network ATMs


The Basic business checking account is an appealing choice for businesses with its modest $15 monthly service fee. Capital One’s Unlimited checking option costs $35 a month for those needing more flexibility. Yet, meeting certain criteria can waive these fees.

Interest Rates

Capital One offers promotional interest rates on savings accounts, allowing you to secure a 0.20% APY for an entire year. However, remember that this rate might change after the year’s up. Sadly, none of their checking accounts produce interest.

Minimum Balance

Maintaining an average balance of at least $2,000 over 30 or 90 days dodges the $15 maintenance fee. Opting for Unlimited checking? Then, you’ll need an average of $25,000. For business savers, Capital One sets a $300 minimum.

Access to Mobile Banking

No matter your proximity to a Capital One branch in Texas, their top-tier mobile app is within reach. Available on any device, it allows complete management of your finances, from digital transactions to depositing checks via your camera. Plus, it offers access to CreditWise for accurate credit evaluations and tips to elevate your credit score.

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U.S. Bank

Best for Customer Service

U.S. Bank stands out in the vast banking landscape with its stellar customer service. Dial them anytime, day or night, and a savvy banker will quickly help you resolve any issues. 

They offer specialized merchant services tailored to various business sectors, including restaurants, retailers, and service providers. Need extra funds? They’ve got a range of lending options, too.

Here’s why we picked it: Despite few locations in Texas, U.S. Bank shines with its round-the-clock customer service team.


  • Exceptional customer support
  • Tailored merchant services for diverse business types
  • Versatile lending solutions


  • Overdraft fees apply
  • Lower-than-average APY
  • Presence limited to 28 states


The U.S. Bank Silver Business Checking Account is a hit among business owners thanks to its zero monthly maintenance fee. Keep an eye on your transaction count; the first 125 are free each month. Although their savings account has a service fee, you can waive it under certain conditions.

Interest Rates

Expect no interest earnings from U.S. Bank’s checking accounts. Savings accounts earn interest, albeit a modest 0.01% APY, applicable regardless of your account balance and with no caps.

Minimum Balance

No minimum balance requirement for U.S. Bank’s basic checking account designed for businesses, which is a relief. However, their savings account mandates maintaining at least a $300 balance to avoid the monthly $4 fee.

Access to Mobile Banking

U.S. Bank’s mobile app not only directs you to the nearest branch but also offers a plethora of banking services. From transferring funds to monitoring your balances, it’s all doable on your device. You can also set alerts to keep your funds above a threshold, helping you dodge those pesky overdraft fees.

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Bank of America

Best Bank for Rewards

Over 300 of Bank of America’s branches sprinkle the landscape of Texas, ensuring convenient access to banking services. The bank boosts your benefits as you transact, enhancing interest rates and waiving certain fees based on your average daily balance. While accounts typically carry monthly fees, strategic financial planning can help avoid these costs.

Here’s why we picked it: Bank of America’s robust rewards system pays dividends just for conducting your business activities.


  • Rewards program that increases your interest rate
  • Access to over 17,000 ATMs and 4,300 branches nationwide
  • Possibility to waive monthly fees


  • No round-the-clock customer support
  • Standard monthly fees apply
  • Fees on transactions at non-Bank of America ATMs


The Business Advantage Fundamentals checking account has a $16 monthly service fee, which you can avoid by meeting one of three criteria: maintaining a $5,000 average monthly balance, making $250 in debit card purchases, or enrolling in the Preferred Rewards program. 

The savings account also has a $10 monthly maintenance fee, which is waived under similar conditions.

Interest Rates

Your interest rate at Bank of America can vary based on your rewards tier. Savings accounts start at a 0.01% APY, climbing to 0.04% for those at the platinum honors level. Businesses need some effort to hit this mark, but the potential rewards make it worth the journey.

Minimum Balance

Without a Preferred Rewards membership, a minimum of $5,000 is required in your checking account to dodge the monthly fee. The savings account is slightly more lenient, needing just $2,500 to avoid the $10 monthly charge.

Access to Mobile Banking

Manage your finances effortlessly with the Bank of America mobile app. Everything you need to do from your phone is available, from depositing checks to transferring funds or paying bills. The app also provides tools for monitoring spending and planning budgets, helping you save for future goals.

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PNC Bank

Best for Withdrawals

PNC Bank boasts a sprawling network of ATMs across the U.S., ensuring that, no matter where you are, fee-free cash withdrawals are likely just around the corner. 

They provide a 24-hour grace period to rectify the mistake if you overdraw. New business account holders can also pocket a $200 bonus simply for signing up.

Here’s why we picked it: PNC’s extensive network of ATMs and banks significantly simplifies cash access.


  • 24-hour window to correct overdrafts
  • Access to over 60,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide
  • Generous $200 bonus for new account openings


  • Steep overdraft fees
  • Interest rates that vary by location
  • Complications in opening standalone accounts


As a token of appreciation, PNC Bank waives service fees for the first three months after you join. Post this period, a $12 fee applies to both your checking and savings accounts. You can dodge these fees by maintaining a minimum balance, making regular purchases, or through consistent deposit activity.

Interest Rates

PNC Bank’s interest rates can be somewhat mysterious as they differ across Texas. You’ll need to make a call to pin down the exact figures you might earn. Generally, rates float between 0.01% and 0.04%, influenced by the amount you keep in your account.

Minimum Balance

Keeping a certain balance is crucial to waiving service fees. A mere $500 is enough to keep your checking account free of charge, whereas savings accounts require a $2,500 minimum. The balance you maintain also affects the interest rates offered to you.

Access to Mobile Banking

The PNC mobile banking app is a handy tool for bill payments and account management, all from your smartphone. It also offers insights into your cash flow, helping you visualize upcoming transactions and align your spending accordingly.

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Best for Business Services

Chase Bank enhances traditional banking with an extensive suite of business services designed to protect your company from fraud and streamline revenue management through efficient payment-collection solutions.

Texans will appreciate the widespread availability of Chase branches across the state and the opportunity to earn up to a $300 sign-on bonus for engaging in qualifying activities.

Here’s why we picked it: Chase’s business services perfectly complement its robust traditional banking offerings.


  • Comprehensive range of business services
  • Multiple options to waive monthly maintenance fees
  • Generous $300 sign-on bonus


  • Monthly maintenance fees apply
  • Limit of only 20 free transactions per month
  • Relatively low APY


Chase’s initial business checking account features a manageable $15 monthly fee, which can be waived by meeting three criteria: maintaining a $2,000 daily balance, making purchases with a Chase Ink Business Card, or receiving deposits through Chase QuickAccept. Plus, if you hold a checking account with Chase, keeping a savings account is free of charge.

Interest Rates

While Chase’s savings accounts don’t offer top-tier rates, they provide a modest return. Most businesses start at an interest rate of 0.01%, which could increase to 0.02% over time. It’s important to note that checking accounts do not earn interest, so plan your fund allocation wisely.

Minimum Balance

To avoid service fees, it’s advisable to maintain at least a $2,000 daily balance in your checking account. A $1,000 balance is required for savings accounts, though this fee can also be waived by linking the account to your checking.

Access to Mobile Banking

Chase’s mobile app greatly streamlines your banking tasks. It enables you to send payments virtually anywhere and effortlessly transfer funds between your accounts. If you’re pressed for time, Chase also offers quick text commands to check your balances swiftly.

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Methodology for the Best Banks for Businesses in Texas

We considered several crucial factors when choosing the best banks for businesses in Texas. Here’s what we focused on and why:

  • Fees: Businesses must carefully manage their expenses as they build client relationships and increase sales. High banking fees can be detrimental. We prioritized financial institutions that keep fees low or offer realistic options for new businesses to avoid them.
  • Interest Rates: Banks that reward businesses with competitive interest rates for simply depositing funds stand out. We sought banks offering accessible, above-average rates to maximize returns for businesses.
  • Minimum Balance: Many banks require a certain balance to avoid fees. We ensured the banks we chose have minimum balance requirements that are achievable for businesses, helping them avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Access to Mobile Banking: Business owners are often on the move, making mobile banking tools essential. A robust mobile app allows you to manage your finances anywhere, saving time and offering additional features to help you manage your money better.
  • Ease of Use: Navigating complicated websites or apps can be frustrating. We selected banks that make every interaction straightforward, from easy navigation to simple account setup processes. Some banks even allow you to open an account with just an EIN.

These factors were carefully weighed to ensure that the banks we recommend offer the most benefit and least hassle to Texas business owners.

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Frequently asked questions

Wells Fargo is the most popular bank in Texas, boasting over 560 branches and more than 1,300 Wells Fargo ATMs for check deposits and cash withdrawals.

For businesses, it’s practical to consolidate all company funds in a single bank. This approach helps meet monthly balance requirements, which can be difficult if funds are spread across multiple institutions. Additionally, managing all transactions from one location simplifies financial oversight.

When selecting a bank for your business account, consider the outlined factors. The process should be straightforward, convenient, and easy access to your funds. Choose a bank with minimal fees and ample support to help your business thrive.

Regardless of your current banking arrangements, it’s smart to set up a separate bank account for your LLC. Any institutions we’ve listed rank among the best for business bank accounts for LLCs in Texas.

Bottom Line – Best Business Banks in Texas

Opening a bank account for your business can greatly enhance your financial management and help you keep an eye on your bottom line. 

The top choices in Texas empower you with convenient tools while providing ways to avoid pesky maintenance fees. While we’re particularly fond of what Bluevine offers, any options on our list would serve your business well.

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