Discover the Latest Google Search Travel Features: Price Guarantees, Hotel Browsing, and More!

Discover the Latest Google Search Travel Features: Price Guarantees, Hotel Browsing, and More!

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In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind Google’s recent updates to its Search platform, designed to make researching hotels, booking flights, and exploring vacation destinations easier than ever. 

These new features include a price guarantee for flights, a swipeable story format for hotel browsing, and direct booking options for attractions and tours.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google introduces a price guarantee for US-based flights.
  • New swipeable story format makes hotel browsing on mobile more engaging.
  • Direct booking options now available for attractions and tours.

Price Guarantee for Flights: Book with Confidence 

Google has introduced a pilot program for a new price guarantee feature on flights. 

When you see a flight with the price guarantee badge, it means that Google believes the current price will not drop any further. 

If you book the flight and the price does decrease, Google will refund the difference via Google Pay. 

This feature is currently only available for “Book on Google” itineraries departing from the United States.

Swipeable Story Format: A New Way to Explore Hotels on Mobile 

Google has also made it easier for users to browse hotels on mobile with the introduction of a swipeable story format. 

When searching for hotels, users can now view property details, photos, and notable features in an engaging and interactive format. 

This update simplifies the hotel browsing experience and allows users to save hotel information, access additional details, and continue browsing with ease.

Direct Booking Options: Convenient Ticket Purchasing for Attractions and Tours 

To help travelers find and book things to do while on vacation, Google has added direct booking options for attractions and tours. 

Users can now find prices for these experiences directly on the attraction’s listing on Google Search or Maps, as well as a link to book tickets. 

This feature also provides suggestions for related experiences, allowing users to discover new and exciting activities while traveling.

Enhanced Information Verification on Google Search 

Apart from introducing new travel-related features, Google is also focusing on improving the user experience by enabling users to verify information on its Search platform. 

This enhancement will ensure users have access to accurate and reliable information, especially when planning their trips. 

By providing tools to verify information, Google aims to create a more trustworthy platform that caters to users’ needs, ensuring they have a seamless travel planning experience.

Extreme Heat Alerts: Helping People Stay Safe During Heat Waves 

Another recent update from Google includes the launch of new extreme heat alerts designed to surface crucial information to help people stay safe during heat waves. 

This feature will provide users with valuable resources, such as tips for staying cool and safe, and updates on the heat wave’s duration and intensity. 

By incorporating extreme heat alerts, Google demonstrates its commitment to user safety and well-being, not just in terms of travel planning but also in the context of climate-related emergencies.


Google’s recent updates to its Search platform aim to improve the travel planning experience for users. 

With the introduction of a price guarantee for flights, a swipeable story format for hotel browsing, and direct booking options for attractions and tours, travelers can now research, book, and enjoy their vacations with greater ease and confidence. 

These features are likely to become increasingly popular as more people begin to explore the world once again.


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