Chat, Edit, and Search with Bing AI in SwiftKey App on iOS and Android

Chat, Edit, and Search with Bing AI in SwiftKey App on iOS and Android

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In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind Microsoft’s integration of its Bing AI chatbot into the SwiftKey app, now available on both Android and iOS, making it easier for users to communicate effectively, search the web, and chat with Bing on the go.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bing integration in SwiftKey app provides Search, Chat, and Tone functions
  • Tone feature allows AI to reword text to fit a desired tone
  • Bing AI chatbot accessible in Skype group chats
  • Bing available via Microsoft Start app

SwiftKey App: A New Home for Bing AI

Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot has found a new residence within the SwiftKey app, a popular keyboard application for both Android and iOS. 

This innovative combination offers users a seamless experience while chatting, searching, and fine-tuning their text’s tone without the need for switching between multiple applications.

Microsoft’s decision to integrate Bing AI into SwiftKey aims to provide users with a more convenient, versatile, and effective way of communicating. 

By integrating Bing into their daily activities, users can access a wealth of information and editing tools, all within their favorite mobile apps.

Chat on the Go with Bing Integration

Gone are the days when you had to pause a conversation to switch apps and search for information. 

Bing’s integration into the SwiftKey app enables users to chat with the Bing chatbot on the go, directly from their mobile keyboard. 

This provides a quick and convenient solution for users who want to search for information, ask questions, or even find a clever pun to respond to someone’s message.

The Chat functionality is particularly useful for situations when users need to find information on the fly, such as planning a party with friends or searching for the perfect dessert to pair with a specific dish. 

With Bing’s chatbot accessible directly from the mobile keyboard, users can now access a world of knowledge without skipping a beat in their conversations.

Tone: The AI Editor for Your Texts

One of the most interesting features of Bing’s integration into the SwiftKey app is the Tone function, which allows Bing to act as an editor for users’ texts. 

This AI-powered feature enables users to reword their messages to fit a desired tone, making it easier for them to communicate more effectively in various situations.

For instance, users who struggle with maintaining a formal tone in work emails or those learning a new language can now turn to Bing’s Tone feature for assistance with nuances of word choice. 

By selecting the appropriate tone setting, users can ensure their messages sound more professional, casual, polite, or even concise enough for a social media post.

Expanding Bing Access in Skype Group Chats

Microsoft’s vision of bringing Bing AI closer to users extends beyond the SwiftKey app. The company recently announced that it is launching greater access to Bing in group chats on Skype. 

With this new feature, group chats on Skype now only need one member with access to the Bing preview to chat with Bing.

This means that users can take advantage of Bing’s wealth of knowledge from within the Skype app, just like they would on a desktop computer. 

The expanded access to Bing in Skype group chats allows users to settle debates, plan group trips, or find a restaurant for everyone to meet at, all within the Skype app.

Bing on Microsoft Start App

In addition to the SwiftKey app and Skype group chats, Microsoft is also making Bing available through its Microsoft Start app. 

Microsoft Start is a personalized news reading experience that brings together premium content from hundreds of global publishers, sports scores, weather forecasts, stock prices, and shopping deals in one app.

Users who have cleared the waitlist can now access Bing through the Microsoft Start app, further expanding the reach of Bing’s AI-powered features. 

By integrating Bing into various mobile applications, Microsoft is striving to ensure that users can access AI-powered tools and information in ways that are most relevant and convenient for them.


Microsoft’s latest move to integrate Bing AI chatbot into its SwiftKey app on both Android and iOS platforms is part of a growing trend in which AI becomes an intermediary for communication. 

Users can now chat with Bing, search the web, and edit their text for the desired tone, all within the app. 

Along with the extended access to Bing in Skype group chats and the Microsoft Start app, Microsoft aims to insert itself into our technological lives, making AI-powered Bing features easily accessible and improving user experience.


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