10 Best Coding Apps for Learning How To Code on the Go

10 Best Coding Apps for Learning How To Code on the Go

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Are you learning to code? Or have you been practicing for a while, and now you need some apps to extend your knowledge?  Using these ten best apps to help you in achieving your goals.

10 Apps You Can Use For Learning to Code

1. SoloLearn

Do you need to maintain the competitive spirit to feel the drive and inspiration for experiencing new things? This app suggests applying their new method and approach by using quizzes and social platforms to enhance your knowledge from the beginning level. Not only is this app user-friendly, but it also a popular one commonly used by gambling developers to create apps that transmit the exact sensation a real casino gives. So stay motivated with SoloLearn and show great results in real-life experience.


2. Mimo

If you want to produce a real-world project, then this app, with its entertaining game lessons, will help you to reach your aims. Such apps as Mimo tend to encourage people to learn more and gain great results. You will never feel bored with short but constructive lessons. Mimo has several languages and technologies to offer you.


3. Programming Hub

Are you in search of a different approach? Not the one that most apps suggest you. Then, by choosing this app, you will find how exciting the studying process can be. With ProgrammingHub, you will get story format lessons with interactive tasks to easily perceive all the information presented in classes. You have a chance to pick out any programming language like JavaScript, Python, C++, Julia, and others. There is also a wide variety of classes for digital marketing, CEO, app development, AI, etc.


4. Encode

If you are a beginner in coding, this app will perfectly suit your needs. It will offer you a great interface that is simple to use and the lessons that can help you in your learning process to reach a high level as quickly as possible. And most importantly, you will get feedback after each lesson to find all the answers to your questions. Use this JavaScript-based Android app to fulfill your needs.


5. Enki app

If you crave the most interesting and appealing interfaces in coding apps, the Enki app will satisfy your needs. Moreover, it has plenty of material that will benefit you in any project and planning. You will find the content quite affordable. Most of it is offered for free. However, if you need something more special, then the cost will be very reasonable.


6. CodeHub

Are you an owner and a big fan of android gadgets? Then this app is definitely for you. It’s very simple to use, and it offers you wonderful lessons which will cost you nothing. You can apply the lessons on HTML, CSS. CodeHub will provide you with all the necessary material for web development.


7. Programming Hero

If you search for sources to help you learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Dom, then this app is totally for you. It is created in a fun way that enables you to feel relaxed and at the same time get the full information concerning the coding. Thus, you have a chance to enjoy the process and learn a lot of new things about web development.

8. Codecademy Go

You are probably familiar with Codecademy’s online courses. Now they are in a mobile app offering you the greatest feature on their platform. If you can’t take a computer with you, it’s not a problem anymore. Use a mobile app instead and enjoy your learning anywhere you go.


9. Khan Academy

This Academy is famous for its effective education programs. And now the app offers you an opportunity to take courses on computer programming. You can get them free of charge and enjoy the study either on IOS or Android.


10. Grasshopper

Even those who feel like a newbie in a programming area will find this app very simple to use with its effective teaching method. A user-friendly interface will never bother or distract you from the learning process. Moreover, you will have brief lessons that enable you to do them quickly and efficiently. Thus, you can use this app wherever you are without feeling tense and bored. The Code team designs the app with Google.


If you are more into tutorials on YouTube and like watching bloggers sharing their skills, then you can find reliable resources to subscribe to. Or ask your friends or partners for a recommendation. People today are so engaged in the learning process that such a hobby as programming seems to be typical nowadays. Even when you are a student and have so many assignments to complete, you always have a chance to order paper online and devote little time to other things which can be useful for your future career.

If the question is not about time but a trustworthy resource you could use for gaining particular knowledge, then turn to the websites that provide you with all the necessary information for the topic you require. Looking through several sources, you will find out which one is more suitable for your needs or which tutorial materials are the most understandable and efficient. Only after learning some cool coding concepts can you manage the tasks from the apps designed for programming purposes. Then, depending on your needs and level of skills, you can choose an appropriate one to develop yourself and expand your knowledge in this area.

Practical skills are important too. Because when you start a real project, many questions pop out and make you feel confused and disappointed. In this case, tutorial books might seem useless because they usually don’t provide you with a quick answer or help unless you spend time searching.

But you don’t have to panic since there are many other different approaches and methods you can work with to reach your goal. Learning to code is a difficult task until you manage several problems and know how to deal with them to avoid them in the future. Various apps are designed to help you get things settled and learn to cope with them next time. Don’t neglect the assistance of such apps. Just like when you need help writing a paper, you turn to a specific source to get your problems settled.


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