Subba-Veritas Partnership Demonstrates Unique Utility of BSV Blockchain in Providing Honest Fan Reviews

Subba-Veritas Partnership Demonstrates Unique Utility of BSV Blockchain in Providing Honest Fan Reviews

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Subba, a firm that takes pride in providing honest fan reviews, and Veritas, a service under the umbrella of blockchain-based online review platform Britevue, have announced their partnership in ensuring the authenticity of fan reviews.

By adding a blockchain-based verification system, Subba is taking providing honest fan reviews to the next level. In creating a community of fans and giving access to honest fan reviews, Subba is hoping to steer fans’ decision-making in the right direction when buying songs, albums and tickets to music festivals and concerts.

Veritas’ technology allows for a token to be issued once a ticket or album purchase is successfully completed. This token is then linked to whatever review the fan will post in the future. On top of authenticating fan reviews and being able to easily spot fakes and trolls, a reward system will also be set up through a highly scalable gamification program.

Incentivizing the fan review platform not only encourages fans to submit reviews, but also creates a more extensive multi-level fan data that artists, event organizers and concert producers can use to build consumer insight and increase ticket and album sales, lessening the need for more costly marketing and promotion plans.

“We are sometimes asked about the validation or authenticity of the user generated reviews featuring on Subba. Veritas’ technology not only answers these questions but it does so much more. It will enable Subba (and our ticketing partners) with the ability to further reassure fans that their purchase decisions are the right ones, along with rewarding them for their purchases. This is a game changer for the wider industry,” Subba Founder and CEO Mark Jennings said.

Britevue, which was rebranded from TrueReviews, is the second runner-up at the second BSV Hackathon held two years ago. Britevue is evidence that BSV Hackathon’s vision of discovery new developers and innovators and providing them an avenue to showcase their blockchain-based applications with the ultimate goal of having a successful launch and penetrating its target market is being realized.

And now, Britevue, through Veritas, is able to leverage the BSV blockchain’s capabilities in partnering with Subba, further demonstrating that it is utility across different kinds of industries that makes it relevant.

“We are thrilled to partner with Subba as we begin to integrate the Veritas platform into various industries. As a frequent concert goer and music fanatic, Subba’s platform is something I am very enthusiastic about and we are excited to bring authenticity and transparency to their event reviews,” Britevue Founder and CEO Connor Murray stated.

The Subba-Veritas partnership’s verification system is expected to offer people a more credible source of reviews and its reward system to provide fans an incentive to write more detailed and honest reviews. On the other side, music firms and artists will have better engagement with fans and have access to a database that will be advantageous in providing more suited content and creating a better experience that will excite their target audience.


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