Mobile Telcos Target Satellite Services to Eradicate Blackspots and Boost Emergency Coverage

Mobile Telcos Target Satellite Services to Eradicate Blackspots and Boost Emergency Coverage

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In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind the exciting deals struck by mobile telcos One NZ and 2degrees with satellite service providers SpaceX and Lynk, respectively. 

These partnerships are aimed at ensuring complete mobile coverage across New Zealand and offering enhanced emergency communication capabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • One NZ collaborates with SpaceX to provide total mobile coverage across the country.
  • 2degrees teams up with Lynk to trial similar satellite capabilities.
  • Satellite services will significantly improve emergency communication and business operations.
  • One NZ changes its name from Vodafone NZ to reflect the strategic shift in focus.

One NZ’s Partnership with SpaceX

One NZ’s Satellite Service Capabilities

One NZ recently announced an agreement with SpaceX to provide mobile coverage for its customers via Starlink satellites. 

When the new service is launched in late 2024, One NZ customers will be able to use their smartphones to connect via satellite in areas without cellular coverage. 

The satellite service will initially support text messages, including multimedia (MMS) texts, and later expand to voice calls and mobile broadband.

Benefits for Public Safety and Business Operations

One NZ CEO Jason Paris emphasized that this satellite connection would save lives and revolutionize various industries such as agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, tourism, forestry, transport, and logistics. 

The company also aims to ensure everyone is safe during emergencies, regardless of their provider, by dedicating part of its mid-band spectrum for emergency calls.

2degrees’ Collaboration with Lynk

Exploring Satellite Connectivity Options

2degrees has teamed up with US-based Lynk to trial a similar satellite connectivity capability. CEO Mark Callander stated that 2degrees is dedicated to ensuring its customers have access to opportunities as they develop. 

The trial with Lynk will start this month and is expected to ultimately offer text messaging, voice calls, and basic data services to 2degrees customers.

The Impact on Emergency Communication

Mobile Connectivity in the Wake of Cyclone Gabrielle

Both One NZ and 2degrees aim to address the communication issues experienced during natural disasters like Cyclone Gabrielle. 

These satellite services will ensure that emergency messages can be sent and received even when traditional mobile coverage is disrupted.

Mutual Arrangements for Emergency Service Access

One NZ, Spark, and 2degrees already have an arrangement in place to enable each other’s customers to access emergency services over their respective cellular networks in situations where one network is out of action. 

The addition of satellite services will further strengthen this safety net.


The partnerships between One NZ and SpaceX, as well as 2degrees and Lynk, mark an exciting step forward in providing complete mobile coverage across New Zealand. 

These satellite services will not only improve emergency communication capabilities but also have the potential to revolutionize business operations in numerous industries. 

As satellite technology continues to advance, we can expect even greater strides in mobile connectivity and public safety.


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