Minecraft Invades Chromebook: Early Access Now Available, Cross-Platform Play and More Exciting Features Unveiled

Minecraft Invades Chromebook: Early Access Now Available, Cross-Platform Play and More Exciting Features Unveiled

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In this article, we’ll delve into the recent announcement that Minecraft, the wildly popular game, is coming to Chromebook with early access available today. We’ll explore the reasons behind this move and discuss the game’s new features.

Key Takeaways:

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is coming to Chromebook with an early access version available now
  • Full cross-platform play support and access to Minecraft Marketplace are among the game’s features
  • The early access version has some limitations, including device compatibility and world transfers
  • Bugs and performance improvements are expected during the early access period
  • The Trails & Tails update will be included in the full release, which has no confirmed date yet
  • Cross-play functionality allows for a more connected and enjoyable experience on all devices

Minecraft Expands to Chromebook

Mojang Studios, the developer behind Minecraft, has made the exciting announcement that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will be making its way to Chromebook devices. 

Initially, an early access version will be launched, followed by a full release at a later, unspecified date.

Cross-Platform Play and Marketplace Access

Chromebook’s version of Minecraft will offer full cross-platform play support, allowing users to connect with friends on other platforms. 

Additionally, the game will provide access to the Minecraft Marketplace, where players can purchase official and community-generated content.

Chromebook’s Minecraft Early Access

The early access version is now available on the Google Play Store for Chromebook users who meet the game’s minimum requirements. 

While there is no official release date for the full version yet, players can expect the Trails & Tails update to be included when it becomes available.

Early Access Limitations

The early access version of Minecraft on Chromebook is available only for selected devices that meet the minimum requirements. 

This is to test the game’s performance before making it accessible to a wider audience. 

Note that existing worlds from other Minecraft platforms or trial versions will not transfer to the Chromebook edition.

Bugs and Performance Improvements

During the early access period, Mojang will work diligently to ensure that Minecraft runs smoothly on Chromebook devices. 

However, they anticipate that there may be some bugs, and players’ assistance is crucial for identifying and reporting issues through the website or Discord.

Full Release and the Trails & Tails Update

Though there is no confirmed release date for the full version of Minecraft on Chromebook, it will be available on the Google Play Store when it launches. 

The full version will include the Trails & Tails update, offering new mobs, blocks, and biomes for players to explore.

Embracing Cross-Platform Play

The Chromebook edition of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will enable players to enjoy the game with friends on any device. 

This cross-play functionality will create a more connected experience, allowing users to engage in cooperative play and shared adventures.

In conclusion, the arrival of Minecraft on Chromebook marks an exciting new chapter in the game’s history. 

With cross-platform play, access to the Minecraft Marketplace, and the inclusion of the Trails & Tails update, players can anticipate an enhanced gaming experience on this popular platform.


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