Google Photos Set to Transform Video Quality with Unblur Feature on Pixel 8 Series

Google Photos Set to Transform Video Quality with Unblur Feature on Pixel 8 Series

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In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind Google’s decision to develop a Video Unblur tool, which is expected to debut on the Pixel 8 series, and how it may change the way we interact with videos. 

Additionally, we’ll discuss other AI-driven features Google is working on and their potential impact on the smartphone industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google is developing a Video Unblur feature for Google Photos.
  • This tool will rely on machine learning and the Tensor chip on Pixel phones.
  • It may debut on the Pixel 8 series and later expand to other devices.
  • Google Photos is also working on new video overlay effects.

Unveiling Google’s Video Unblur Tool

Google has been making strides in leveraging AI and machine learning to improve its suite of applications and services. ‘

One such advancement is the development of a Video Unblur feature for Google Photos, which is expected to rely on the machine learning capabilities of Google’s Tensor chipsets.

Enhancing Video Quality through Machine Learning

This new tool aims to unblur videos by intelligently sharpening and reducing noise, allowing users to enhance the quality of their video content. 

The feature will likely debut on the Pixel 8 series, powered by the Tensor chip, and later expand to other devices.

The Evolution of AI-Driven Features on Pixel Devices

Google has a history of introducing machine learning-based image processing features on its Pixel smartphones. 

The “Magic Eraser” feature was introduced on Google Photos for Pixel 6 phones, enabling users to remove or edit elements within pictures. 

Google later made this tool available to other devices through a Google One subscription.

A similar feature, Photo Unblur, was introduced on the Pixel 7 series, which used intelligent sharpening and de-noising techniques to unblur photos. 

However, this feature remains exclusive to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

The Future of Video Editing on Google Photos

According to reports, Google Photos is developing new overlay effects for videos in addition to their Video Unblur tool. 

These special effects are said to be available as a separate tab within the video editing feature and will allow users to apply distinct filters to their videos. 

There are supposedly 14 different filters rumored to be included, such as B&W, Reflect, Super 8, and VHS, among others. 

These filters can add unique and creative elements to users’ videos and enhance their overall visual appeal.

Conclusion: The Expanding World of AI-Driven Features

As Google continues to push the boundaries of AI and machine learning, the potential for new and innovative features is vast. 

The development of the Video Unblur tool and other enhancements to Google Photos demonstrates the company’s commitment to improving the user experience for Pixel device owners and Google One subscribers alike. 

As these AI-driven tools become more sophisticated, we can anticipate an increasingly seamless and engaging experience with our digital content.


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