Electronic Arts Cuts Workforce by 6% to Sharpen Focus Amid Economic Uncertainty

Electronic Arts Cuts Workforce by 6% to Sharpen Focus Amid Economic Uncertainty

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In this article, we’ll explore Electronic Arts’ decision to lay off 6% of its staff in an effort to refocus and adapt to an uncertain economy. 

We’ll discuss the factors leading to this decision, the company’s current projects, and the broader implications for the video game industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • EA is laying off 6% of its staff, affecting hundreds of employees.
  • The company aims to refocus on projects that align with its strategy.
  • EA is reviewing its real estate footprint and restructuring teams.
  • Employees will be offered severance pay and additional benefits when transitions to other projects aren’t possible.
  • EA is in a strong position due to their popular games such as FIFA 23, Apex Legends, and The Sims.
  • The video game industry faces challenges due to economic uncertainty and increased competition.

EA’s Workforce Reduction Plan

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson announced the company’s plans to reduce its workforce by 6% as it strives to maintain focus and adapt to the ever-changing gaming industry. 

This decision will impact hundreds of employees across the company. EA had approximately 12,900 employees at the end of March the previous year.

Restructuring and Refocusing

To prioritize projects that contribute to EA’s strategy, the company is moving away from initiatives that don’t align with its goals. 

Wilson stated that EA would review its real estate holdings and restructure teams to maximize efficiency. 

The company expects to incur charges of $170 million to $200 million related to the restructuring process.

Supporting Affected Employees

EA is approaching the layoffs with care and respect, offering opportunities for employees to transition to other projects when possible. 

In cases where transitions aren’t feasible, the company will provide severance pay, healthcare benefits, and career transition services.

EA’s Successful Titles and Future Priorities

EA’s current lineup of successful games includes FIFA 23, Apex Legends, and The Sims, positioning the company for continued success. 

Wilson emphasized the need for focus on strategic priorities, such as entertaining massive online communities, creating blockbuster interactive storytelling experiences, and leveraging community power through social and creator tools.

Broader Industry Challenges

As the first major video game publisher to announce job cuts, EA’s decision highlights the challenges faced by the industry amid economic uncertainty and increased competition. 

Other technology firms, such as Meta Platforms Inc and Amazon.com Inc, have also announced job cuts, signaling a potential downturn in the sector.


Electronic Arts’ decision to lay off 6% of its workforce is a response to the challenges and opportunities presented by an uncertain economy and a rapidly changing gaming industry. 

EA plans to maintain its leadership in the gaming industry and keep providing top-notch gaming experiences to its expanding audience. 

To achieve this, EA will restructure its teams, evaluate its real estate holdings, and concentrate on strategic priorities.


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