Discover Instagram’s Shared Collections: Connecting Friends Through Shared Interests

Discover Instagram’s Shared Collections: Connecting Friends Through Shared Interests

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In this article, we will explore the newest feature on Instagram called “collaborative collections.” This new feature allows users to save and share posts with friends, adding a fresh layer of interactivity to the way people connect on the platform. 

Let’s explore how this update compares to similar features on other platforms and discuss the various uses and benefits of collaborative collections.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instagram now enables users to create and share collaborative collections with friends.
  • The new feature builds on the existing Collections feature from 2017.
  • Collaborative collections can be used to plan trips, share mutual interests, and more.
  • Instagram’s recent updates include the introduction of Channels and quick access to shared Reels.

Instagram Launches Collaborative Collections

Instagram has added a fresh feature that enhances its current Collections capability. 

With the addition of collaborative collections, users can now create and share libraries of posts with their friends. 

Announced on Twitter and first reported by TechCrunch, this update allows friends to view and contribute to the collections, enhancing the overall experience of saving and organizing posts on the platform.

The original Collections feature, introduced in 2017, enabled users to save and categorize posts into separate libraries. 

However, the new collaborative collections take things a step further by allowing friends to add their own posts to the mix, fostering a more interactive and engaging experience on the platform.

Rivaling Pinterest with Shared Collections

The introduction of collaborative collections on Instagram bears similarities to Pinterest’s Group Boards feature, which has been available since 2018. 

Both features allow users to collaborate and share content with each other, creating a more engaging and interactive experience on the respective platforms.

By introducing collaborative collections, Instagram may be positioning itself as a direct competitor to Pinterest. 

The new feature can attract users who are looking for a more social and interactive way to save and share content, potentially drawing them away from Pinterest and toward Instagram’s platform.

How to Use Instagram’s Collaborative Collections Feature

Using the collaborative collections feature on Instagram is simple. First, tap the bookmark icon in the bottom-right corner of the post you wish to save. 

Next, select the option to create a new collaborative collection, give it a name, and toggle on the option that says “Allow friends to join this collection.” 

You can add up to 250 people to your collection, encouraging a more interactive and collaborative experience.

Additionally, you can create a collaborative collection from within a chat. 

Once you’ve set up the collection, anyone within the chat can add or remove images, making it a fun and engaging way to brainstorm ideas or share amusing posts with friends.

Potential Uses for Collaborative Collections

The collaborative collections feature on Instagram offers various use cases, including:

  1. Trip planning: Friends can save posts featuring interesting locations, activities, or dining options for a future trip, making it easier to plan and organize their adventures.
  2. Sharing mutual interests: Users can create collections around shared hobbies, such as cooking, fitness, or fashion, and contribute posts related to their common interests.
  3. Event planning: Collaborative collections can be used to gather inspiration for events like weddings, baby showers, or birthday parties, streamlining the planning process for all involved.
  4. Educational purposes: Teachers and students can use collections to curate and share resources related to specific subjects or projects.

Recent Instagram Updates and Features

In addition to collaborative collections, Instagram has been introducing new features and updates to enhance the user experience. Some recent additions include:

  1. Channels: Launched last month, Channels is a new broadcast chat feature that enables creators to share public, one-to-many messages to engage directly with their followers. Channels support text, images, polls, reactions, and more.
  2. Quick Access to Shared Reels: Instagram has started testing a feature that allows users to quickly access recently shared reels, making it easier for users to reshare content they enjoyed with friends at a later time.


Instagram’s new collaborative collections feature adds an exciting dimension to the platform by offering users an engaging and interactive way to connect with friends through shared interests.

As Instagram continues to innovate and introduce new features, it strengthens its position as a leading social media platform, fostering collaboration, and connection among friends and communities.


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