Discover Diverse Opinions with Google’s Newest Search Feature: Perspectives

Discover Diverse Opinions with Google’s Newest Search Feature: Perspectives

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In this article, we’ll explore Google’s newest addition to search results, called “Perspectives.” Its goal is to offer users different viewpoints on particular topics. 

Additionally, we’ll analyze the difficulties of controlling this feature and other updates in Google Search.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google introduces a new “Perspectives” carousel in search results.
  • The feature showcases insights from journalists, experts, and other voices.
  • Google faces the challenge of moderating content for accuracy and relevance.
  • Additional updates include “About this author” and expanded “About this result” features.
  • Google invests $13.2 million in the International Fact-Checking Network’s Global Fact Check Fund.

Google Unveils “Perspectives” Carousel in Search Results

Google has recently announced the introduction of a new feature called “Perspectives” in search results. 

This carousel, displayed beneath the “Top Stories” box, offers users insights from a variety of journalists, experts, and other relevant voices to promote a broader understanding of specific topics. 

The Perspectives carousel will soon be available in English in the United States on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Balancing Trustworthiness and Diversity in Perspectives

The introduction of the Perspectives carousel raises concerns about Google’s ability to moderate the content it displays. 

The company has stated its commitment to providing authoritative and reliable information within the carousel. 

Google’s systems will assess several factors, such as relevance, prominence, language, freshness, expertise, and trustworthiness, to determine the value of a particular perspective.

Expanding Information Verification with “About this Author” and “About this Result”

Google is also launching a new “About this author” feature that enables users to learn more about the authors behind the content they find on Search. 

This feature will roll out globally in English for Search results and in the U.S. for the Perspectives carousel.

The “About this result” feature, first introduced in 2021, will soon be available in all languages where Search is offered. 

To get additional details about a source and its connection to your search, tap on the three dots next to the search results.

Investing in Fact-Checking and Expanding Advisories

Google plans to invest $13.2 million in the International Fact-Checking Network’s new Global Fact Check Fund, supporting over 130 fact-checking organizations across 65 countries and 80 languages. 

In the coming months, Google will extend its advisory feature to German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese languages. 

These advisories provide context on the quality of search results when Google’s systems are not confident in their overall reliability.


Google’s latest search feature, Perspectives, aims to offer users diverse viewpoints on specific topics. 

With the addition of new information verification tools and investments in fact-checking, Google is working to maintain a balance between presenting varied opinions and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the content. 

As users begin to explore these features, it remains to be seen how effective they will be in promoting a well-rounded understanding of the subjects at hand.


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