AT&T and Cherish Health Create a Radar Device to Monitor Senior Adults’ Health and Safety

AT&T and Cherish Health Create a Radar Device to Monitor Senior Adults’ Health and Safety

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In this article, we’ll explore the groundbreaking medical radar device, Cherish Serenity, a collaboration between AT&T and Cherish Health. 

This innovative solution addresses the growing need for older adult monitoring without invading their privacy or requiring wearables.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Cherish Serenity is an industry first, using radar and AI technology to monitor older adults through walls without cameras or wearable trackers.
  • Designed for elderly individuals to live independently with privacy, the device is easy to set up and resembles a storage box or desktop speaker.
  • AT&T’s cellular connectivity ensures the device is always online and can also be connected to the FirstNet first responder network.
  • Cherish Serenity targets big clients such as elderly care homes, assisted living facilities, and medical service providers.

Cherish Serenity: A Discreet Solution for Senior Monitoring

As the elderly population continues to grow, there is an increasing need for innovative monitoring solutions that provide a sense of security for both seniors and their families, without being intrusive. 

Addressing this demand, AT&T has joined forces with medical sensor manufacturer Cherish Health to develop Cherish Serenity, a cutting-edge radar device that can monitor people at risk of falling or experiencing emergency conditions, even through walls.

Cherish Serenity is an industry first, employing radar and AI technology to supervise older adults across multiple rooms in their homes without the use of cameras or wearable devices. 

This unobtrusive approach offers seniors the chance to live more independently while preserving their privacy.

The unique technology embedded in Cherish Serenity ensures that the device can detect body position, movement, and biometrics in real-time, providing a comprehensive monitoring solution that doesn’t compromise the user’s dignity.

Plug-and-Play Design for Effortless Setup

One of the key benefits of the Cherish Serenity device is its simple, plug-and-play design. 

This means that, once plugged into a power source, the device begins working immediately, without any need for configuration or complicated setup procedures. 

This feature makes it especially suitable for older adults who may be less tech-savvy or have difficulties dealing with complex devices.

Aesthetically, Cherish Serenity is designed to resemble a discrete storage box or desktop speaker, complete with woven gray fabric and wood (or wood-effect) finishing. 

This inconspicuous design allows it to blend seamlessly into a room’s decor, ensuring that it doesn’t attract unwanted attention.

AT&T Cellular Connectivity for Constant Monitoring

Another noteworthy aspect of the Cherish Serenity device is its built-in AT&T cellular connectivity, which guarantees that the device is always online and ready to monitor its surroundings. 

This consistent connection ensures that family members and caregivers can stay informed about the well-being of their loved ones, even when they’re not physically present.

Furthermore, Cherish Serenity has the capability to link with the FirstNet network for first responders, which was developed with the assistance of AT&T. 

This connection enables a direct line of communication with emergency responders, further enhancing the safety and security of seniors using the device.

Targeting Enterprise Customers for Wider Adoption

As more older people are living longer, there is a growing need for new ways to keep an eye on their health. 

This has led to an increased demand for advanced monitoring technology in places like retirement homes, nursing facilities, and hospitals. 

Recognizing this need, AT&T and Cherish Health have designed Cherish Serenity to cater specifically to these customers.

The device’s plug-and-play design, discreet appearance, and reliable cellular connectivity make it an attractive option for organizations looking to enhance their monitoring capabilities without compromising the privacy and dignity of their residents.

Although the release date and pricing details for Cherish Serenity have not yet been disclosed, it is expected to become available to enterprise customers sometime later this year. 

Once launched, the device could revolutionize the way elderly care facilities and healthcare providers monitor their residents, ultimately leading to improved quality of life for seniors and peace of mind for their families.


The Cherish Serenity medical radar device, a collaboration between AT&T and Cherish Health, marks a significant advancement in senior monitoring solutions. 

Its discreet design and ease of use allow older adults to maintain their independence and privacy while ensuring their safety. 

As the aging population grows, devices like Cherish Serenity will be essential for healthcare providers, senior living facilities, and nursing homes to provide optimal care without compromising their residents’ dignity.


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