Artifact App Takes News Reading to a New Level with Social Discussions

Artifact App Takes News Reading to a New Level with Social Discussions

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In this article, we’ll explore the latest feature of Artifact, the AI-powered news aggregator from Instagram’s co-founders, which introduces social discussions to enhance user engagement and foster a positive community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Artifact adds a social discussions feature, enabling users to comment and converse on news articles.
  • Users must create a profile to leave comments, which includes verifying their phone number to reduce spam.
  • The app introduces a “reputation score” based on community upvotes and downvotes, similar to Reddit’s voting mechanism.
  • AI models will be used to detect and moderate problematic content in compliance with Artifact’s community guidelines and Terms of Service.
  • Artifact’s co-founder Kevin Systrom believes this feature will make the app more social and encourage community-building around news.

Artifact App Adds Social Discussions

Artifact, a groundbreaking news app created by Instagram’s founders, has taken a significant leap by launching a new social discussions feature. 

This feature allows users to comment on and engage in conversations around the news articles they’re reading on the app. 

By incorporating this feature, Artifact aims to establish itself as more than just a personalized news reading experience, but also as a social network centered around news consumption.

With this update, users of the app can now see comments on articles, making news reading a more interactive and engaging experience. 

By fostering conversations around news stories, Artifact seeks to bring users together and create a sense of community around news consumption.

Creating a Profile for Commenting

In order to participate in the social discussions feature, Artifact users must first create a profile on the app. 

The process is simple and straightforward, requiring users to add and verify their phone number. 

This initial step helps to mitigate spam and ensure a more authentic user base.

Although display names on Artifact are not unique, users are encouraged to use their full names. 

However, the app also allows for the use of pseudonyms, providing users with flexibility in how they present themselves within the community.

Introducing Reputation Score for Users

Artifact has introduced a “reputation score” system to encourage positive interactions among users. 

This feature is based on community upvotes and downvotes on users’ comments, similar to Reddit’s voting mechanism. 

The reputation score is a numerical figure that appears next to each commenter’s name and on their community member’s profile. 

This score is important in determining how comments are ranked within discussions. Artifact uses an algorithm that considers the user’s reputation, the score of the comment, and other signals to determine comment rankings.

AI-Powered Moderation and Compliance

When you join a social media platform, you might face some challenges such as dealing with people who harass or spam you. 

To solve this issue, Artifact is using AI models to detect such content. If any content violates Artifact’s community guidelines and terms of service, it will be taken down. 

Additionally, if someone’s profile breaches these policies, Artifact will ban them if needed. 

By using AI to moderate content, Artifact hopes to create a positive and respectful environment where users can have meaningful discussions on news topics.

Enhancing the Social Aspect of Artifact

The addition of the social discussions feature marks a pivotal moment for Artifact as it positions itself as a more social and community-driven platform. 

Co-founder Kevin Systrom notes that discussing news and written content with others is an integral aspect of the news consumption experience. 

He believes that this feature is just the first step in making Artifact more social and bringing life to a community centered around news.

In January, a new tool called Artifact was released, often referred to as a “TikTok for news”. It’s seen as an alternative to other personalized news apps like China’s Toutiao or Japan’s SmartNews. 

Artifact gathers reliable news sources together in one place, and uses users’ reading habits to recommend news that they might be interested in. This way, users can easily discover the news that matters most to them.

However, unlike traditional social media experiences, users won’t necessarily become trapped in “filter bubbles” on Artifact. 

This is because the app offers a collection of headlines from diverse sources across various topics, allowing users to explore different perspectives as they delve into their reading. 

Additionally, users can browse top stories in the app outside of their “For You” page recommendations through its news verticals.

Currently, Artifact is free to use during its early-stage development. The app’s creators may eventually choose to monetize it through revenue sharing with publishers, but no concrete plans have been announced yet. 

Data from app intelligence company shows that Artifact has been installed by nearly 200,000 people since it became widely accessible to the public in late February.

Artifact’s commitment to enhancing its social components is evident with the introduction of features like profiles, reputation scores, and comment voting. 

These additions demonstrate the app’s determination to foster a positive community where everyone feels encouraged to participate and share their thoughts on the news.

With Artifact’s founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger at the helm, the app’s development is in capable hands. 

Their vision of using AI to curate news and present users with content tailored to their interests is a testament to their innovative thinking. 

By incorporating social features like comments, reputation scores, and user profiles, Artifact aims to create a space where everyone has a voice and can engage in meaningful discussions about the news that matters to them.


Artifact’s introduction of the social discussions feature marks a significant step in the evolution of news consumption. 

By enabling users to engage with one another through comments and conversations, Artifact is fostering a sense of community and transforming the way we consume news. 

With AI-powered moderation and the reputation score system in place, the app aims to create a positive and respectful environment where users can share their thoughts and opinions on news stories. 

As Artifact continues to grow and develop, it is poised to redefine the news reading experience by combining cutting-edge technology with social engagement, allowing users to be more informed and connected than ever before.


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