Apple’s Latest Acquisition Set to Transform Apple TV+ Streaming Experience

Apple’s Latest Acquisition Set to Transform Apple TV+ Streaming Experience

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In this article, we’ll delve into Apple’s recent acquisition of WaveOne, a startup specializing in AI-driven video compression technology, and explore the potential impact on Apple TV+’s streaming capabilities.


Key Takeaways:

  • Apple acquires WaveOne, a startup focused on AI-based video compression
  • WaveOne’s technology could enhance the streaming experience on Apple TV+
  • The startup’s content-aware algorithm offers unique compression possibilities
  • WaveOne’s tech could potentially reduce video file sizes by up to 50%
  • YouTube already utilizes similar technology from Alphabet’s DeepMind

Apple Snaps Up Innovative Video Compression Startup

Apple recently acquired Mountain View-based startup WaveOne, known for its groundbreaking AI algorithms designed to compress video content. 

TechCrunch uncovered the acquisition through a month-old LinkedIn post, and while Apple has not openly confirmed the purchase, several former WaveOne employees now work at Apple.

A Glimpse into WaveOne’s Trailblazing Technology

Founded in 2016, WaveOne developed a content-aware video compression and decompression algorithm capable of running on AI accelerators found in many smartphones and PCs. 

This technology allows the AI to “understand” a video frame, prioritizing certain elements within a scene, such as faces, to save bandwidth. 

WaveOne’s approach is hardware-agnostic and has the potential to reduce video file sizes by as much as 50%, with greater gains in more complex scenes.

Revolutionizing Apple TV+ Streaming

WaveOne’s technology could significantly enhance the streaming experience on Apple TV+. Despite already offering top-notch bitrates, the video compression tech could help save on bandwidth costs or allow Apple TV+ to deliver higher resolutions and frame rates. 

YouTube has already implemented a similar machine learning algorithm from Alphabet’s DeepMind, which has resulted in a 4% reduction in data required for streaming.

What the Future Holds for WaveOne and Apple TV+

Apple’s acquisition of WaveOne may lead to notable improvements in Apple TV+’s streaming capabilities in the coming months, as the company continues to focus on expanding its content offerings from entertainment to sports. 

With the potential to revolutionize the streaming experience, WaveOne’s technology could prove to be a game-changer in the industry.


Apple’s acquisition of WaveOne highlights the tech giant’s commitment to optimizing the streaming experience for its Apple TV+ subscribers. 

By leveraging WaveOne’s AI-driven video compression technology, Apple has the potential to enhance streaming quality and efficiency, setting new standards in the industry. 

Observing how WaveOne’s new ideas affect Apple TV+ and the entire streaming industry will be intriguing.



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