Apple Under Fire: Union Claims Retaliation Against Pro-Union Workers

Apple Under Fire: Union Claims Retaliation Against Pro-Union Workers

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In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind the Communications Workers of America union accusing Apple of retaliatory actions against employees who support unionization, as well as the latest developments in this ongoing conflict.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apple is accused of firing workers in retaliation for organizing.
  • Union claims Apple interrogated employees, promised better working conditions for non-supporters, and threatened worse conditions for supporters.
  • Previous complaints have been filed against Apple for unfair labor practices.
  • Only a few Apple stores have successfully unionized.

Union Allegations Against Apple

The Communications Workers of America union has accused Apple of firing five workers in Kansas City and disciplining another in Texas as retaliation for their involvement in organizing efforts. 

The union also claims that Apple interrogated employees about their support for the union, promising better working conditions for those who didn’t support the union and threatening worse conditions for those who did.

Quotes from Fired Workers

D’lite Xiong, one of the fired workers, claims Apple management used a typo in his timesheet as a pretext for his dismissal, despite the real reason being his involvement in union organizing efforts. 

Another employee alleges she was fired for attendance-related issues after being late to work three times in a month.

Previous Unfair Labor Complaints

This is not the first time Apple has faced unfair labor practice complaints. 

The National Labor Relations Board has previously ruled that Apple interrogated and tried to coerce employees in Atlanta, and filed a complaint against Apple for discriminating against union efforts in New York.

International Unionization Efforts

So far, only a few Apple stores have managed to unionize, with locations in Oklahoma City, Towson, and Glasgow being the only ones to achieve this status. 

Other locations, such as those in St. Louis and Atlanta, have attempted to hold union elections but faced opposition and alleged intimidation tactics from Apple.


Apple is currently facing allegations of unfair labor practices and retaliation against pro-union workers, with the CWA union filing charges on behalf of affected employees. 

These allegations, along with previous complaints, paint a concerning picture of the tech giant’s attitude towards unionization efforts. 

As employees continue to fight for their rights to organize, it remains to be seen how Apple will respond to these accusations and whether more stores will successfully unionize in the future.


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