Animate Hyperrealistic MetaHumans with Your iPhone: A Game-Changing Leap

Animate Hyperrealistic MetaHumans with Your iPhone: A Game-Changing Leap

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In this article, we’ll delve into Epic’s groundbreaking announcement at the 2023 Game Developers Conference, which promises to transform the animation landscape with its new MetaHuman Animator tool.

Key Takeaways:

  • MetaHuman Animator allows users to create realistic facial animations using just an iPhone
  • The technology aims to make AAA character animation quality accessible to more people
  • It will be compatible with iPhone 11 or later and is set to launch in summer 2023

A Glimpse into the Future of Animation

At the 2023 Game Developers Conference, Epic Games revealed the MetaHuman Animator, an innovative tool that enables users to create realistic facial animations for their hyperrealistic MetaHumans using video captured from an iPhone. 

This remarkable feature, expected to launch in summer 2023, has the potential to redefine the world of animation.

iPhone-Powered Performance Capture

Epic Games showcased the power of MetaHuman Animation technology during a live demonstration featuring the actor from the upcoming game Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. 

The short but impressive clip highlighted the capabilities of this groundbreaking tool, which will allow users to animate MetaHuman characters using video captured on an iPhone 11 or later.

Empowering Indie Developers and Hobbyists

With the MetaHuman Animator, Epic aims to make AAA character animation quality available to a broader audience, including indie game developers and hobbyists. 

By simplifying the process of creating realistic human characters and facial animations, this tool has the potential to level the playing field for creators with limited resources.

Seamless Integration with Mocap Systems

The MetaHuman Animator is designed to work seamlessly with mocap systems for full-body motion capture, making it an ideal solution for game creators. 

Additionally, the tool is compatible with any professional vertical stereo helmet-mounted camera (HMC) capture solution, ensuring high-quality results for facial performance animations.

Epic’s Demonstration of MetaHuman Animation Potential

To further showcase the capabilities of MetaHuman Animation, Epic presented a captivating clip from Ninja Theory, which utilized the animation tech to capture a performance from Hellblade.

This demonstration provided a glimpse into the immense possibilities that the MetaHuman Animator tool will bring to the animation world.


Epic’s MetaHuman Animator tool is poised to revolutionize the animation landscape, offering users the ability to create hyperrealistic facial animations with just an iPhone. 

By making AAA character animation quality accessible to a wider audience and providing seamless integration with mocap systems, this groundbreaking technology has the potential to redefine the animation industry, empowering creators of all levels to bring their visions to life.



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