A New Chapter in Cybersecurity: US Grants $25 Million to Safeguard Costa Rica

A New Chapter in Cybersecurity: US Grants $25 Million to Safeguard Costa Rica

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In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind the United States’ decision to provide $25 million in cybersecurity aid to Costa Rica, the impact of ransomware attacks on the nation, and the broader implications of this move in the global cybersecurity landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • US grants $25 million to Costa Rica for cybersecurity enhancement
  • Costa Rica faced devastating ransomware attacks in 2022
  • The allocation of funds was made in answer to a specific appeal from President Rodrigo Chaves.
  • Aid reflects the US’s commitment to building secure digital infrastructure worldwide
  • Costa Rica applies to join the Counter Ransomware Initiative

A Timely Response to Ransomware Attacks

In 2022, Costa Rica suffered a series of damaging ransomware attacks from Russian-linked cybercrime groups, Conti and HIVE. 

These attacks crippled critical services like tax collection and medical appointments. 

In response to these incidents and a direct request from President Chaves, the US has decided to provide $25 million in aid to support the Costa Rican government’s cybersecurity efforts.

Strengthening International Cybersecurity Cooperation

The funding commitment to Costa Rica reflects President Biden’s broader efforts to help partners build secure, open, and reliable digital infrastructure worldwide. 

This move follows a similar grant given to Albania, which also faced destructive cyberattacks from Iranian adversaries. 

The announcement of the Costa Rican cybersecurity assistance took place during the second Summit for Democracy, further highlighting the growing importance of international cooperation in combating cyber threats.

Costa Rica’s Bid to Join the Counter Ransomware Initiative

Costa Rica has applied to join the Counter Ransomware Initiative, a US-led coalition of 37 governments working together to fight ransomware. 

Current member governments will have the opportunity to weigh in on Costa Rica’s potential membership before a formal invitation is extended.

Utilizing Funds for Cybersecurity Enhancement

The $25 million grant will primarily be used to establish a new security operations center within Costa Rica’s Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology, and Telecommunications. 

This center will focus on detecting, preventing, and responding to cyberattacks and strengthening government networks against future threats. 

Additionally, funding will be allocated for cybersecurity training, hardware and software purchases, and strategic and technical planning support.


The US’s decision to grant $25 million to Costa Rica signifies a growing commitment to international cybersecurity cooperation. 

By supporting Costa Rica in its efforts to recover from devastating ransomware attacks and strengthen its digital infrastructure, the US demonstrates its dedication to working with allies to create a safer digital landscape for all. 

As cyber threats continue to evolve, these collaborative efforts will be crucial in protecting nations from sophisticated adversaries and ensuring global security in the digital age.


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