Johnny Manziel Net Worth 2024: Former NFL Star’s Earnings

Johnny Manziel Net Worth 2024: Former NFL Star’s Earnings

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Johnny Manziel, often the center of attention, first dazzled fans as a Texas A&M freshman football star. His thrilling on-field performances earned him the Heisman Trophy and the Davey O’Brien Award. 

Recently, Manziel’s life has sparked curiosity again, thanks to a Netflix documentary revealing intriguing details. The film dispels the myth about his family’s supposed oil fortune, which he used to mask earning $33,000 from autographs in college. 

With this story debunked, many now wonder about his true sources of income and net worth. Reports suggest his wealth ranges from $1 million to $6 million. This article dives into Manziel’s financial journey, shedding light on how he has made his money over the years. 

Johnny Manziel’s Wealth & Career Earnings: A Detailed Look

Johnny Manziel, a former American football sensation, boasts a net worth of $1 million to $6 million. Known for his electrifying college career at Texas A&M, he made history as the first freshman to win the prestigious Heisman Trophy. 

Entering the 2014 NFL draft with high expectations, many believed he would be a top pick. However, concerns about his personal issues saw him drop to the 22nd pick, chosen by the Cleveland Browns only after he personally called the team’s quarterbacks coach to plead his case.

Manziel’s professional career was plagued by off-field troubles, including struggles with alcohol and partying. He also faced a suspension from the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. 

His NFL stint, lasting from 2014 to 2015, was spent entirely with the Browns. Post-NFL, Manziel had brief tenures with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Montreal Alouettes in the CFL.

Initially, it was believed that Manziel’s earnings potential, combining salary and endorsements, could reach up to $100 million. He earned about $7.7 million in salary and an estimated $10 million from endorsements, primarily from a now-canceled Nike contract.

In a revealing 2023 Netflix documentary, Manziel admitted to spending $5 million during his most turbulent times. This insight offers a glimpse into the financial and personal ups and downs that have shaped his life and career.

Johnny Manziel’s Contracts & Earnings Breakdown

Johnny Manziel’s potential career earnings were once estimated at over $100 million, combining both salary and endorsements, had he maintained even average NFL performance. However, he ended up with just $7.7 million in salary and approximately $10 million from endorsements, totaling around $18 million before taxes.

His initial NFL contract was a four-year deal worth $8.25 million with the Cleveland Browns, including a $4.3 million signing bonus. In his rookie year, Manziel earned $7 million from salary, signing bonuses, and endorsements. Despite the high earnings, his on-field performance was lackluster, totaling 175 passing yards, no passing touchdowns, and one rushing touchdown.

The Browns released him on March 11, 2016, after paying him a total of $7,707,913 in salary. During his NFL career, Manziel managed to throw seven touchdowns and seven interceptions.

In a 2023 Netflix documentary, Manziel revealed he spent $5 million during his most controversial period. It’s likely he received a substantial fee, possibly in the high six-figure to low seven-figure range, for participating in the documentary.

Johnny Manziel’s Family Wealth: The Real Story

When Johnny Manziel first became a college sports sensation, rumors swirled that he hailed from an immense oil fortune. However, as Johnny revealed in his 2023 Netflix documentary, this story was largely exaggerated. He admitted to inflating his family’s wealth to hide the income he earned from selling autographs, which violated NCAA rules.

Despite the embellishments, Johnny does have some oil money in his family history. His great-great-grandfather, Joe Manziel, emigrated from Syria to the U.S. in 1907. In 1930, Johnny’s great-grandfather, Bobby Joe, struck oil in Texas after many failed attempts, leading to a prosperous income. 

This success funded the creation of “The Oil Palace,” a large music venue in Tyler, Texas, which Bobby Joe originally envisioned as a boxing venue. Bobby Joe passed away in 1956, leaving the project incomplete until it finally opened in 1983.

Bobby Joe’s son, Bobby Joe Jr., faced legal troubles in 1975, including a dropped murder conspiracy charge and a conviction for cocaine trafficking. He managed The Oil Palace until his death in 2022.

Contrary to the grand oil fortune myth, Johnny’s parents led modest lives. His parents worked as bartenders when he was born. His father, Paul, spent most of his career as a car salesman, managing a Honda dealership far from home, only returning on weekends. Johnny grew up in a normal home in Tyler, Texas, now valued at around $700,000, where his parents still reside.

In October 2015, a mysterious fire destroyed a $400,000 lake house owned by Johnny’s grandfather, Paul Manziel Sr.

Johnny Manziel’s Endorsements & Earnings

During his short NFL career, Johnny Manziel raked in millions through endorsements, with Nike being the most prominent sponsor. He also partnered with big names like Nissan, McDonald’s, and Panini America.

Before the NFL draft, when Manziel was expected to be a top pick with a promising future, he secured a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal with Nike. Under Armour and New Balance also vied for his endorsement. However, by April 2016, Nike and his agents dropped him due to numerous off-field controversies.

Johnny Manziel’s Early Life & Background

Jonathan Paul Manziel was born on December 6, 1992, in Tyler, Texas. He is of Italian and Lebanese heritage and has a younger sister named Meri. Contrary to popular belief, Johnny’s parents, Paul and Michelle Manziel, aren’t oil tycoons, though they have enjoyed financial success in various ventures.

Paul and Michelle met while working as bartenders. Michelle later pursued a career in real estate, and Paul focused on building homes and selling cars. Their wealth is partially due to Bobby Joe Manziel, Johnny’s great-grandfather, who discovered oil in Texas during the 1930s.

Growing up, Johnny was an all-around athlete, excelling in football, basketball, baseball, and golf. He decided to focus on football and baseball at Tivy High School in Kerrville, Texas. 

Initially playing as a receiver during his freshman year, Johnny transitioned to quarterback in his sophomore year’s fourth game. His talent shone brightly, and during his senior year, he completed 65.7% of his passes for 3,609 yards, scoring 45 touchdowns with just five interceptions.

Johnny’s impressive performance earned him numerous accolades, such as being twice named the San Antonio Express-News Offensive Player of the Year, the National High School Coaches Association Senior Athlete of the Year in Football, and a “Parade” All-American. Many colleges sought his talent, including Baylor, Colorado State, Iowa State, Louisiana Tech, Oregon, Rice, Stanford, Tulsa, and Texas A&M.

Johnny Manziel’s College Success

Johnny Manziel chose to attend Texas A&M on an academic scholarship. With quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s departure to the NFL after the 2011 season, Texas A&M needed a new starting quarterback. Manziel outshined Jameill Showers and Matt Joeckel, securing the starting position.

His rise to fame began when he shattered Archie Manning’s 43-year-old total offense record in a game against Arkansas. Johnny continued to impress, notably leading Texas A&M to a stunning victory over top-ranked Alabama, which propelled him onto the Heisman Watch list. 

He made history as the first freshman and only the fifth player ever in NCAA history to pass for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in a single season. Manziel cemented his legacy by becoming the first freshman to win the Davey O’Brien Award and the Heisman Trophy.

During his sophomore season, Johnny’s performance remained strong, earning him a fifth-place finish in the 2013 Heisman Trophy voting.

Johnny Manziel’s Professional Football Journey

Johnny Manziel decided to leave college early, skipping his junior season at Texas A&M to enter the 2014 NFL Draft. Despite being projected as a first-round pick, doubts about his attitude made teams wary. On draft day, 21 teams, including the Cleveland Browns, passed on Manziel. 

However, a persuasive text message he sent to Browns quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains convinced head coach Mike Pettine to select him as the 22nd overall pick. Manziel’s tenure with the Browns lasted only two troubled seasons. 

During his rookie year in 2014, he faced a $12,000 fine from the NFL for making a rude hand gesture during a preseason game against the Washington Redskins. This incident led to Brian Hoyer starting the regular season opener. In 2015, Manziel was demoted to third-string quarterback after videos of him partying surfaced online. 

The Browns released him on March 11, 2016, after paying him $7,707,913 in salary. Over his time with the team, he threw seven touchdowns and seven interceptions.

After a two-year hiatus from football, largely due to contract issues, Manziel returned in 2018 by signing a two-year deal with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Canadian Football League (CFL). 

His stint with the Tiger-Cats was brief, as he was traded to the Montreal Alouettes after six weeks. Manziel’s time in the CFL ended when league officials ordered the Alouettes to release him, severing ties with the league.

Manziel tried to make a comeback in professional football by joining the newly formed Alliance of American Football (AAF) in March 2019, where he was assigned to the Memphis Express. However, the league went bankrupt in April 2019 and did not finish its first season. Manziel plays for the FCF Zappers in the Fan-Controlled Football indoor league.

Johnny Manziel’s Professional & Personal Struggles

In March 2017, Johnny Manziel got engaged to Bre Tiesi, and the couple married a year later in March 2018. Sadly, their marriage lasted only a year. By June 2021, Bre Tiesi had a child with Nick Cannon, and in 2023, she joined the reality show “Selling Sunset.”

Despite his athletic talent, Manziel’s career has been overshadowed by numerous controversies and legal issues. His first arrest occurred in June 2012, before he even played his first college football game. 

The incident involved a fight between one of his friends, and when Manziel tried to intervene, he ended up involved and presented a fake ID to the police. Nevertheless, he was still named the starting quarterback for Texas A&M.

Manziel’s problematic behavior continued through college and into his professional career, attracting significant media attention. 

Incidents included being ejected from a University of Texas fraternity party, an NCAA investigation for allegedly accepting payments for autographs (which he was cleared of), being pulled over for fighting with then-girlfriend Colleen Crowley, and a Dallas Police Department investigation in 2016 for domestic violence claims by Crowley, resulting in misdemeanor assault charges.

These off-field issues had severe consequences, leading the Cleveland Browns to release him, his Nike sponsorship to be canceled, and two different agents to drop him as a client.

Johnny Manziel’s Real Estate Ventures

In May 2009, Johnny Manziel purchased a home in Avon, Ohio, for $400,000. He listed it for sale in May 2016 at $489,000 and sold it in June 2016 for $480,000. Currently, Manziel lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Johnny Manziel’s journey from a celebrated college football star to a retired athlete with a net worth of $1 million to $6 million is a tale of highs and lows. His early promise and exceptional talent on the field were often overshadowed by off-field controversies and legal troubles. 

Despite these challenges, Manziel’s story continues to captivate fans and critics alike. While his professional football career may have been brief, the lessons from his experiences resonate widely. 

As he navigates life beyond football, Manziel’s story reminds him of the unpredictable nature of fame and fortune. His legacy, though complex, underscores the resilience needed to face life’s unpredictable turns.


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