Why is the crypto market facing very large increases?

Why is the crypto market facing very large increases?

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Today’s world is complex and difficult to understand. Not long ago, humanity battled the Covid-19 pandemic that claimed many millions of human lives. Today, the world stands on the eve of a world war that may be started by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The world is unsettled and change is happening very rapidly. The market does not like this state of affairs and it is hard to imagine what it will look like in a few months, let alone years. Looking at the situation of confiscated assets of Russian oligarchs, people are afraid that in the near future the same may happen to their savings. Hence, the attempt to find a form of security that will be resistant to this type of situation, and here cryptocurrencies appear..

Everything points to this

What is currently happening in the world clearly indicates that cryptocurrencies may soon record very large increases. This could happen due to several factors. First of all, rising inflation. Cryptocurrencies cannot be added, and the process of digging them is very complicated. This makes their value stable and inflation does not affect them. This is especially true for Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have maintained their value during times of high inflation. Thus, people may want to hedge their wealth against even more money printing.

The second thing is war and the reality that may come with it. As the current situation shows, governments and banks are blocking the assets of Russian oligarchs, which is basically a good decision, but it shows that financial institutions are acting above the law. Nobody knows what the next decisions will be, which makes people look for options to secure their savings. Cryptocurrencies are such an option because only the owner of the wallet has access to it and no one else can make any transactions. This means that cryptocurrency markets may soon see an influx of very large capital. This in turn will translate into the growth and development of technology, which may prove to be the missing link in the financial system of the whole world.

Are big increases a real scenario?

At this stage, it is difficult to be sure about the next steps. At the moment it can be seen that despite a lot of mining software, graphics cards are once again available to users. This could be a sign that the economic situation in terms of raw materials is improving. However, we should be aware that the threat of a world war is greater than usual due to the escalating situation in Europe. If this happens, the situation will be very dynamic and difficult to assess. If in the near future the world will be at peace again, we can expect a stabilization of the situation on the markets. It is hard to say who will emerge victorious from this duel. One thing is certain, people must take care of their own financial security, as the inflation that is driving up can effectively consume the savings of a lifetime. At the same time, seeing the share of mining OS in cryptocurrency mining, one must conclude that the market is still functioning well and can only be hindered by a very large energy crisis. However, there are many indications that such a situation will not happen, as many countries have started to act to secure themselves from this angle.

In conclusion, there are many indications that there may be large increases on the cryptocurrency market after the period of correction that is currently taking place. However, it is important to keep a cool head as this is a dynamic environment that is very resilient. For this reason, you should think about further movements in the cryptocurrency market and watch for new projects. Ethereum 2.0 may soon revolutionize the market so keep that in mind.


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