One of the Best Silent Blockchain in Crypto World

One of the Best Silent Blockchain in Crypto World

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The internet buzzes with news of the unparalleled rise of cryptocurrencies. Blockchains and their underlying technology are taking businesses by storm, promising to revolutionize everything from finance to even democracy. It is no wonder that many are opting into the crypto market to make their fortune. However, it remains a fact that amongst the thousands of tokens and cryptocurrencies traded around the world, only a small percentage has stood the test of time and proven its mettle. This includes Silent blockchain.

  • A silent blockchain is a blockchain unknown to the public
  • Silent blockchain is a non-profit organization that has many benefits in its total supply,

The easy and secure staking system

Staking is an easy way to earn passive income with cryptocurrency. It involves holding a certain amount of coins or tokens in your wallet and sometimes running a “staking node”. This helps the process transactions on the network. In return, the staker receives interest in the form of newly minted coins or transaction fees paid by other network users. All PoS coins require their holders to hold some amount of their coins in their wallets and not spend them. Stakers get rewards for “staking” their funds.

It follows with compensation of new coins at a set rate. The rate is generally dependent on the size of their stake and how long they choose to stake for. Some networks allow for stakers to receive transaction fees instead of new coins. Some cryptocurrencies that use Proof-of-Stake also require nodes to run specific software to verify transactions on the network. These nodes get rewards with new coins at a set rate, like standard Proof-of-Stake systems. The main advantage of Proof-of-Stake is its environmental sustainability, even with crypto betting.

Stealth addresses?

These are an anonymity-preserving scheme that allows the transaction receiver to generate a unique address for each sender. Stealth addresses remain part of blockchain technology since 2014. They are active with several cryptocurrencies, like Monero, NavCoin, and Particl. Stealth addresses are one way to achieve privacy on a public blockchain. Thus, it means you can take advantage of them to boost the security and privacy of your transactions. Below we’ll walk you through how stealth addresses work, why they’re helpful, and what crypto projects use them.

What is a stealth address? A stealth address is a unique, one-time address generated by the recipient on behalf of the sender. This means that instead of having an account with an associated balance (like with a bank), where all incoming payments add up to a single account balance, stealth addresses come in. All incoming payments from different senders end up in different accounts with no associated balance. This also means that every stealth address gets generated on behalf of the sender (by the receiver) for each incoming payment.

IP obfuscation

Whenever you visit a website, your IP address gets recorded by the server serving you that website. The same happens when you download content from the internet using torrents. In this case, your IP address gets shared with everyone else who’s downloading or seeding the same torrent file. If anyone wants to keep tabs on your internet activity, they can easily track it back to your IP address. IP obfuscation works by hiding your real IP address and replacing it with another one.



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