The Best VPNs for Cryptocurrency Transactions: Do I Need One?

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 by Josh Yang November 17, 2021

VPNs are the mainstream tools used by almost every individual who wants to be double sure about security and secrecy while being virtually active. For nearly every job, VPN is used. A recent addition to the list is cryptocurrency usage.

Cryptocurrency is the freshest digital transaction method that has risen to fame instantly. However, cryptocurrency transaction threats and security concerns are high with this payment mode. Experts say using a VPN crypto is a smart move to make.

In this blog, we’ll guide you to the best VPN for crypto trading and reasons whether or not one should use it.

VPN For Cryptocurrency – Do You Need One?

There is a misconception about cryptocurrency that it’s an anonymous mode of payment. In reality, it’s pseudonymous. Once the KYC or AML registration is done, the use of cryptocurrency makes user tracking easier than ever. Needless to say each time you use cryptocurrency, you leave a digital footprint to track others.

This is why security experts suggest that you use a VPN to buy crypto. The reasons are listed below:

  • The best VPN for cryptocurrency encrypts the data and makes it difficult to decode.
  • With features like ad-blocker and malware blocker, VPN for crypto adds an added security layer to transactions and makes them more secure.
  • More importantly, the best crypto VPN hides the location and IP details of the end-users and allows them to trade with cryptocurrency with complete secrecy.
  • Mostly, the best VPN for cryptocurrency comes with automatic kill switch features that protect the end-user even when the connection drops instantly.
  • If cryptocurrency is banned in your country, you can still use it with the help of VPN crypto, as it will unblock the restricted cryptocurrency trading platforms and websites.

Top 3 Crypto VPNs to Use in 2021 

After reading the above section, we believe you must be convinced to use a VPN for crypto trading. But, you can relish the benefits of a VPN for cryptocurrency only if you have the best ones guarding you.

Here are the best 3 options to consider:


With powerful AES 256-bit encryption and unlimited bandwidth, ExpressVPN is our best pick. It’s present in 94 countries and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means, while you have ExpressVPN by your side, there is nothing to worry about.

It comes with superb geo-unblocking ability and will unblock all the restricted cryptocurrency websites. There is one unique thing about ExpressVPN. It is its ability to use TrustedServer technology using which its server runs on RAM. It makes data more secure and reduces the odds of cyberattacks.


Up next on the list, NordVPN comes with a massive server network and robust security features. It has incredible protection against DNS and WebRTC leaks.

With Double VPN features, you enjoy enhanced security.

It has everything that the best VPN for crypto should have; great speed, multiple protocols, and optimized servers. It uses OpenVPN protocol which is the best of the breed. With an in-built ad and malware blocker, you will get an extra dose of security. Its customer support is very responsive and answers all your queries immediately.


Lastly, we would suggest SurfShark. It’s a decent choice as it comes with unlimited connection support and adopts a strict zero-log policy. Its payment system is very robust and supports PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and AliPay.

It’s a lightweight VPN offering support for every device. Speaking of its security, it’s one of its kind as it uses AES 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit DHE-RSA keys, and SHA512 authentication.

Ending Notes 

Cryptocurrency is at an all-time high and is adopted by more and more people. If you plan to adopt this payment mode, don’t forget to use a VPN for crypto trading. For this, you must first learn how to use VPN to buy crypto. With its help, you will enjoy added security and enhanced utility.


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