Uber and Waymo Join Forces: Autonomous Ride-Hailing and Delivery Services Coming to Phoenix

Uber and Waymo Join Forces: Autonomous Ride-Hailing and Delivery Services Coming to Phoenix

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In this piece, we delve into the recent announcement of Uber and Waymo teaming up to provide autonomous vehicle services to customers in Phoenix. 

This unique collaboration sets the stage for a new era in ride-hailing and delivery services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Uber partners with Waymo to introduce autonomous ride-hailing and delivery services.
  • The two formerly rival companies have joined forces, aiming to leverage their respective technological and network strengths.
  • The service will begin later this year in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • A fixed number of Waymo vehicles will be available to Uber riders and Uber Eats delivery customers.
  • The partnership comes after years of conflict and a lawsuit over allegations of trade secret theft and patent infringement.
  • Both companies have pre-existing collaborations in other sectors, including autonomous long-haul trucking.

An Unexpected Alliance: Uber and Waymo

In a stunning turn of events, one-time rivals Uber and Waymo have chosen to bury the hatchet. 

The two companies have forged a partnership that brings together Uber’s vast customer base with Waymo’s cutting-edge autonomous driving technology.

Once embroiled in a bitter dispute over alleged trade secret theft, the companies are now aligning their strengths to introduce autonomous vehicle services to customers in Phoenix, Arizona. 

This alliance represents a sea change in the ride-hailing and delivery sectors, propelling the technology into the mainstream.

How the Partnership Works

Set to commence later this year, the Uber-Waymo partnership will see a select number of Waymo’s autonomous vehicles integrated into Uber’s network.

Uber users in Phoenix will have the option to hail an autonomous Waymo vehicle for both rides and food deliveries via Uber Eats.

This service is not exclusive to Uber. Waymo spokesperson, Katherine Barna, confirmed that the autonomous vehicles will also be available via Waymo’s proprietary app, Waymo One. 

This dual availability ensures that Phoenix residents can enjoy the benefits of autonomous technology regardless of their preferred platform.

The exact number of vehicles that will be added to Uber’s app has not been disclosed. However, the promise of a “set number” indicates a commitment from both parties to ensure the service’s successful rollout and steady growth.

Looking Back: Uber and Waymo’s Legal Struggles

It is interesting to note how far these two companies have come from their past disputes.

In 2017, Waymo, an Alphabet-owned company, filed a lawsuit against Uber, accusing it of trade secret theft and patent infringement. 

The root of the conflict was Otto, a self-driving truck startup founded by former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski, who was accused of stealing Waymo’s proprietary technology.

The case went to trial in 2018, but a settlement was quickly reached, with Uber acknowledging some misuse of Waymo’s technology and committing to licensing it for future use. 

Levandowski was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but he was later pardoned by former President Donald Trump.

Despite this turbulent history, the companies have managed to find common ground. This recent announcement makes no mention of past animosities, focusing instead on their shared vision for the future.

The Future of Autonomous Ride-Hailing

The Uber-Waymo partnership is poised to revolutionize the autonomous ride-hailing landscape.

This collaboration comes at a time when the robotaxi sector has been struggling due to the pandemic. 

Companies have had to deal with layoffs and shutdowns, and have faced operational challenges due to limitations on where autonomous vehicles can travel.

However, this partnership represents a beacon of hope. 

The combination of Waymo’s autonomous driving technology and Uber’s extensive ridesharing and delivery networks can potentially bring about a turnaround in the industry.

As part of their forward-thinking vision, both Uber and Waymo also have other ongoing projects, such as autonomous long-haul trucking. 

In addition, Waymo has recently announced plans to make its ride-hailing fleet fully electric, further underscoring their commitment to sustainable transportation.


This partnership between Uber and Waymo marks a significant shift in the ride-hailing and delivery sector. 

Despite a tumultuous past, these two industry giants are looking towards the future by pioneering autonomous technology services. 

This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to innovation and convenience, bringing autonomous ride-hailing and delivery services to Phoenix’s doorstep. 

As this partnership unfolds, customers and observers alike will undoubtedly keep a close watch on this interesting chapter of autonomous transport.


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