Transform Your Videos with Runway’s AI-Powered Mobile App

Transform Your Videos with Runway’s AI-Powered Mobile App

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In this article, we’ll look at the innovative AI startup, Runway, and their newly launched mobile app which allows users to create unique video-to-video transformations using their groundbreaking Gen-1 AI model.

Key Takeaways:

  • Runway’s mobile app allows users to record and generate AI videos in minutes.
  • Users can transform videos using text prompts, images, or style presets.
  • The app generates four previews for users to choose from, taking up to two minutes for the final output.
  • Runway plans to improve the app with longer video support and higher-quality videos in the future.
  • The mobile app has two premium plans: Standard and Pro.
  • Runway’s Gen-2 model, a text-to-video generator, will soon be available in the app.

Transforming Videos with AI: Gen-1 Model

The AI startup Runway has developed an innovative app that harnesses the power of their proprietary Gen-1 AI model. 

This app allows users to create unique video transformations by combining text prompts, images, or style presets.

The Gen-1 AI model is designed to provide users with a creative platform to experiment with their videos. 

It opens up a world of possibilities for users to transform their existing videos into visually stunning creations or even generate new videos from scratch.

How the App Works: Previews and Selection

When using Runway’s app, users can record a video directly from their phone or choose an existing video from their library. 

After selecting the video, users can add text prompts, images, or choose from a range of style presets, such as “Cloudscape” or transforming the video to resemble claymation, charcoal sketch, watercolor art, or paper origami.

Once the transformation input is set, the app generates four previews for users to choose from. 

Each preview offers a different variation based on the selected input. 

The user can then select their preferred version, and the app will take approximately two minutes to render the final output.

App Limitations and Future Improvements

Despite the app’s impressive capabilities, it is important to note that there are limitations. 

For users utilizing the free version, they will have access to 525 credits and can only upload videos up to five seconds long. Each second of video consumes 14 credits.

Moreover, as with any AI-generated content, the results may not always be perfect. Videos may appear distorted or exhibit odd visual effects. 

However, these imperfections are to be expected and do not detract from the app’s overall appeal.

Runway’s co-founder and CEO, Cristóbal Valenzuela, has shared that the company plans to support longer videos in the future. 

The app will continue to improve and introduce new features as the technology evolves, ensuring that users have the best possible experience.

Premium Plans for Enhanced Features

To cater to a wider audience, Runway’s mobile app offers two premium plans: Standard and Pro. 

The Standard plan, priced at $143.99 per year, grants users 625 credits per month and includes additional features like 1080p video, unlimited projects, and more. 

The Pro plan, available for $344.99 per year, offers 2,250 credits per month and access to all of Runway’s 30+ AI tools.

By subscribing to one of these premium plans, users can unlock the full potential of Runway’s app and enjoy a more seamless video transformation experience.

Gen-2 Model: The Next Step in Video Generation

Runway has already taken significant strides in AI-driven video generation with their Gen-1 model. However, they are not stopping there. 

Runway plans to roll out access to its closed beta for the Gen-2 model, which is a text-to-video generator. 

This next-generation model will allow users to generate videos from scratch using just text inputs.

Although the app currently only supports the Gen-1 model, the Gen-2 model will soon become available, along with other AI tools like Runway’s image-to-image generator. 

With the introduction of the Gen-2 model, the app will offer even more creative possibilities for users to explore and experiment with.


Runway’s mobile app is a groundbreaking development in the world of AI-powered video editing. 

While there are limitations to the current app, it provides a sneak peek into the potential of generative AI technology in transforming the way we create and edit videos. 

The app offers an accessible and user-friendly platform for experimenting with video transformations and exploring unique visual effects.

As the technology continues to evolve and improve, we can expect to see more advanced features and tools being integrated into the app. 

This will further revolutionize the video creation process for both amateurs and professionals alike, opening up new possibilities for artistic expression and content creation.

The future of video editing is undeniably bright, and Runway’s AI-powered mobile app is paving the way for a more imaginative and visually stunning era of video content. 

So, get ready to unleash your creativity and explore the endless possibilities that Runway’s app has to offer!


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