How to make money playing games: App or PC?

How to make money playing games: App or PC?

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There are many ways to capitalize on the gaming industry: you can become a streamer, a content creator, join the esports world, or you can play online games that reward you just for playing them. Here, we’ll talk about the latter option: how to win money on your mobile phone or PC while you play games?

The gaming industry is growing fast; while there’s a myriad of ways to earn money playing games, such as investing in a YouTube channel or creating a live stream on Twitch, but sometimes we just need something quick to distract ourselves in our spare time. Game developers have taken advantage of the decentralized economy brought to us by modern days and started monetizing their applications while rewarding their public; this offers an interesting way of getting some income from a fun activity easily done in-between your primary job.

Many game apps pay you, and a few of them offer ways to catch them on PC as well. Other games have collections built in that are worth real money. Let’s get to know the apps that reward you for playing games! But first, there are some frequently asked questions that we want to discuss.

Is it safe to earn money playing games?

The promise of earning money “for free” sounds fishy for many people, and they’re not entirely wrong in their fears: some apps offering this have been banned from app stores due to being scams or frauds. However, the premise of playing games and earning money isn’t the problem.

Scammers will try to get your information in any possible way, not only through free online games. Naturally, it’s recommended to be cautious and always take a look at the opinions shout box in the app store’s page, research the game developers a bit, make sure the app you’re downloading is the original version and not something with a similar name, and avoid downloading mobile games from outside that store: this can mess with your device or potentially your personal information.

However, most game apps aren’t scams, and they do pay you! Let’s list some that are generally considered the best, and you can always read the article on making money by playing games to get some more in-depth knowledge, such as the rates and payment methods!

What does the game developer get in return?

This is a very popular question, and it’s hard to properly answer it. Some rewarding games charge small fees for playing them, and they do reward you, but slowly — so, most people would quit before actually getting paid, while they did pay some cents for the game itself. But generally, they get income from advertising. Sometimes, you’d have to watch videos to get paid, or do other micro-tasks. Your cash prizes will be conditional on how the company makes their income; they just share some of this revenue with you.

Other possibilities include people trying to advertise their own company through the game, or tasks that require small subscriptions or goals (x time playing, for instance). A free app without advertising generally follows this rule. Also, sometimes, the game app does giveaways to keep people interested in their game; it’s also a valid way of making money, but it does take more time — and luck.

Best game apps and websites

Although some of those apps or websites aren’t “games” per se, they do have a few built-in opportunities to have fun. Some of them fall into the “live trivia game show” category, some are more oriented at completing surveys and getting cash prizes, while on others you can simply play games such as Tetris and win money.

Swagbucks: the most well-known of the apps that pay you

Using Swagbucks on your Android device or iPhone is easy — you can do it through either the website or the app, there are tons of ways to play games (modes, titles, a real wide variety) and surveys you can complete to earn cash prizes. The app has mostly free games to play on mobile, and you can redeem Google Play cards, Amazon Gift Cards, or even earn a few dollars in PayPal cash. The platform also offers cashback in some marketplaces, a research console to earn points, and a Chrome extension.

Swagbucks is a very trustworthy platform that rewards you in “SB”, the in-built currency which you can transform into some nice extra money! It holds first place among websites and apps that pay you in a free and fun way.

Lucktastic: play games that require luck and earn prizes

Lucktastic is like a lottery: you can play a ticket twice a day for free, and receive real cash rewards as high as $1,500! It’s one of the easiest ways to earn rewards, since it depends on your luck, not on grinding or time navigating. You can also buy tickets to have even more chances to win real money through Lucktastic!

You can also get more tickets to keep playing games. The minimal withdrawal amount is $5, and it can be sent to your US Bank Account or through your PayPal account. You can also redeem gift cards through this free app.

Inbox Dollars: fun + networking

Inbox Dollars has a nice referral program that helps people earn money together! With some mobile games available, you do micro-tasks on this platform to earn some money. You can play on any device.

This app/website is very intuitive, and you can play many games, complete surveys, take quizzes, and much more on it.

You can earn gift cards, PayPal cashouts, and much more. The website has already given away over $50 million!

Mistplay: earn gift cards!

Mistplay is a compendium of games where you don’t need to download anything and can earn up to $3–5 an hour by playing video games.

This platform has three core currencies, so you can earn your reward in different ways: PXP, GXP, and Units. PXP is unique and account-bound, while Units are the currency you can exchange for real money.

However, keep in mind that this platform is android-only, and it only rewards gift cards.

Lucky Levels: the wheel of fortune!

Lucky Levels is a very well-known app that lets you earn cash while playing roulette. You have a few free tickets each day, and you can make up to $1,000 in real money.

This game also allows you to receive gift cards, earn rewards, and test your luck in different prize structures. You can also purchase more tokens to keep your luck spinning!

MyPoints: nice register bonus and many activities

MyPoints is an app with a $10 sign-up bonus — probably the highest among the game apps that pay you to play.

The website has some paid games, where you can gain cashback (in the form of points) for each dollar you spend on your favorite mobile games.

Another interesting feature of MyPoints is the wide diversity of activities the app provides. From taking surveys to playing arcade games, the app has tons of opportunities to collect points and convert them into real money or gift cards.

Other apps that pay you to watch videos, play games, or even just surf the internet

Those aren’t necessarily games, but they can be fun! You can win cash prizes, get some gift cards, discover new games, or even make some extra cash by surfing the Internet!

Gaming apps tend to have a slightly faster payment rate, but those listed below offer tasks that are easier to complete.

Brave Browser

This one is a very well-known web browser. Based on Google Chrome, Brave Browser automatically blocks advertising, unless you choose to see it — and you will be rewarded for doing so. The advertising displayed by Brave is targeted at you, so if you search for games a lot, for instance, it will recommend you a game app — and so on. Brave Browser is available on mobile through the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Brave Browser’s tokens, called BATs, are famous in the crypto omniverse. You’ll have to create a crypto wallet to receive your dividends, but it’s pretty easy to set up. Brave has a relatively high minimum withdrawal on mobile, but none on desktop.


Tired of watching videos and getting nothing from it? TV-TWO is the way to go. This simple app rewards you in cryptocurrency for each video you watch. They also have inbuilt offers that allow you to speed up the process of getting their tokens. Simply log in every day, watch some regular YouTube videos, and you’re already making some profit!

The grinding on the app may be very slow, but it’s still real. TW-TWO pays in their crypto token — so it can be an opportunity to learn more about the subject!


There are a bunch of real ways to earn cash or gift cards on apps that pay you to play games on the Internet. Keep in mind that this won’t make you a millionaire, but you can get some nice extra cash through this method.

For informational and educational purposes, take a look at this post: You’ll get to know even more apps that pay for a pleasant round of gaming!


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