Get Ready for a Wave of Amazon Originals on Freevee

Get Ready for a Wave of Amazon Originals on Freevee

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In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind Amazon’s decision to add over 100 Prime Video original titles to its free streaming service, Freevee, and how it could impact the streaming landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon plans to expand the selection of its free streaming service called Freevee by introducing more than 100 exclusive titles for Prime Video. These titles will be available without any extra cost and will include ads.
  • Content will include first three episodes of various shows and full seasons of select series.
  • Freevee is also getting the first seasons of Reacher, The Wheel of Time, and more later this year.
  • By including exclusive material on Freevee, Amazon hopes to entice people to test Prime Video and increase the number of viewers on Freevee.
  • Freevee offers hundreds of on-demand shows and movies, live “channels,” and features a growing number of ad-supported streaming channels.

Amazon Originals Make Their Way to Freevee

Amazon has declared that they will introduce more than 100 exclusive movies and TV shows from Prime Video to Freevee, their complimentary streaming service that includes ads. 

This decision marks a significant expansion of Freevee’s content library.

Shows such as The Summer I Turned Pretty and A League of Their Own will have their first three episodes made available on Freevee starting May 26th. 

In addition, other series like The Terminal List and Paper Girls will have their initial episodes released on the platform this month.

Freevee will add Goliath and The Tick full seasons to their collection, along with the first season of Upload, the second season of Homecoming, and The Vast of Night. 

Amazon will also release additional content, such as The Wheel of Time, and other shows on Freevee later this year.

Boosting Freevee’s Offerings with Premium Content

The inclusion of these Amazon Originals in Freevee’s content library will help the platform gain a competitive edge. 

It will also encourage users to sample Prime Video offerings and potentially drive viewership on both platforms.

Freevee isn’t the only streaming service to adopt this strategy. Paramount-owned Pluto TV, for example, has also offered previews of its shows on Paramount Plus, resulting in a win-win situation for both the parent company and the streaming service.

The addition of premium content to Freevee is a significant move, as it could help attract a larger audience and increase the platform’s overall viewership. 

This is especially important for the free ad-supported streaming (FAST) model, which relies on advertising revenue to offset content costs.

The Rise of Free Ad-Supported Streaming (FAST) Services

Free ad-supported streaming services have grown in popularity due to their ability to offset the increasing costs associated with streaming subscriptions. 

With a model similar to traditional linear TV, FAST services allow users to watch on-demand shows and movies for free, as well as providing live “channels” that play content around the clock.

Freevee, originally called IMDb Freedive, is just one of many FAST services that offer hundreds of on-demand shows and movies, along with live channels. 

The rising popularity of these services is partly due to their ability to provide a familiar, easy-to-use experience for viewers while also offering a more cost-effective alternative to subscription-based streaming platforms.

How Amazon’s Move Could Impact the Streaming Landscape

Amazon’s decision to add over 100 Prime Video original titles to Freevee demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying competitive in the ever-changing streaming landscape. 

By offering premium content for free, Amazon could potentially boost Freevee’s viewership and entice users to consider subscribing to Prime Video.

This move also highlights the increasingly competitive nature of the streaming market, as companies continuously adapt their strategies to maintain and grow their audience. 

By offering a mix of free, ad-supported content and premium, subscription-based content, Amazon is positioning itself to cater to a broader range of viewer preferences.

Furthermore, this move could prompt other streaming services to reconsider their content strategies and potentially follow suit. 

As more companies begin to offer premium content for free, viewers may become more discerning about the platforms they choose to support.


Amazon’s strategic decision to add over 100 Prime Video original titles to Freevee highlights the ongoing evolution of the streaming industry. 

By incorporating premium content into its free, ad-supported platform, Amazon is broadening its reach and appealing to a wider audience, while also encouraging users to explore its paid streaming option, Prime Video.

This move emphasizes the growing importance of free ad-supported streaming (FAST) services in the market, as they offer a cost-effective alternative to subscription-based platforms. 

With more companies potentially adopting similar strategies, viewers can expect an increasingly diverse range of content offerings, ultimately leading to a more competitive and dynamic streaming landscape.


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