Amazon One Palm Scan Now Covers Alcohol Purchases: Say Cheers to Biometric Payments!

Amazon One Palm Scan Now Covers Alcohol Purchases: Say Cheers to Biometric Payments!

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In this article, we delve into the innovative feature added to Amazon’s palm-based payment system, Amazon One. 

You can now buy alcohol with a simple hand swipe, a leap forward in making shopping experiences faster and more streamlined. 

From Amazon’s latest blog post to how privacy concerns are addressed, we discuss it all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon One now allows alcohol purchases using its palm-scanning system.
  • Purchasing alcohol involves uploading a government-issued ID, verified by a third-party provider, onto the Amazon One platform.
  • A “21+” message will appear for bartenders, along with a user-uploaded photo to validate the purchaser’s age.
  • The technology has been adopted in some of Amazon’s Fresh and Go stores, as well as selected Whole Foods locations and entertainment venues.
  • Amazon One’s age verification feature will initially roll out at the Coors Field baseball stadium in Denver, Colorado.
  • Privacy advocates express concerns over biometric data use; however, Amazon contends that palm recognition preserves privacy.
  • The “palm-based identity service” can also verify a user’s age for other age-restricted goods.

Expanding Amazon One’s Horizons: Alcohol Purchases Now Enabled

Amazon One, in its newest advancement, is venturing into previously uncharted territory.

Alcohol purchases, notoriously cumbersome due to their age-verification requirements, are now as simple as a hand swipe.

Amazon’s tech wizards have cleverly engineered a feature that bypasses the traditional methods, setting new trends in the process.

The Process: ID Upload and Age Verification

So, how does it all work?

The foundation of this innovation lies in coupling biometrics with age verification.

Users intending to purchase alcohol need to upload a government-issued identification document to the Amazon One portal.

This crucial piece of information is verified by an independent entity to ensure authenticity.

Once the process is successful, you’re all set.

When the user places their palm over the Amazon One device, the bartender sees a “21+” notification.

This is accompanied by a photo that the user uploads during the ID verification process, aiding a visual confirmation of identity and age.

Where Can You Use Amazon One?

The application of Amazon One has already begun to spread its wings.

It has found its place in Amazon’s Fresh supermarkets and Go convenience stores, and some selected Whole Foods locations.

Moreover, certain sports arenas and entertainment spots have also integrated this technology, extending its reach.

Recently, Panera Bread, a popular restaurant chain, piloted the Amazon One system at a couple of their locations.

The spread of Amazon One beyond Amazon’s direct ventures indicates its growing acceptance in the retail and hospitality sector.

Coors Field: A First for Biometric Alcohol Purchases

In another first, Coors Field baseball stadium in Denver, Colorado, will now permit alcohol purchases using Amazon One.

Attendees can enjoy the baseball game while savoring their favorite alcoholic beverages without the hassle of cash or cards.

This will be the first such implementation, and it is expected to roll out to additional venues in the forthcoming months.

A Privacy Paradox: Balancing Convenience and Confidentiality

However, the adoption of biometric data for payment has drawn concern from privacy advocates.

While Amazon argues that palm recognition offers more privacy than other biometric systems, critics are apprehensive.

Amazon’s stance is that one cannot decipher a person’s identity merely by looking at an image of their palm.

The company asserts that user information is secure and encrypted.

They employ multiple security controls, integrated into the hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure, ensuring that the customer data remains safe.

Furthermore, the company reassures that it does not store government-issued IDs and has entrusted this to a certified identity verification provider.

Amazon One: More Than Just a Payment Technology

Amazon One is proving to be more than just a biometric payment method.

Amazon now terms it a “palm-based identity service.”

This system can validate that you’re over 21 when buying alcohol or other age-restricted products.

Once users register for age verification via Amazon One, they can use the service wherever it is available.

The vendor receives a “21+” message along with the user’s selfie to verify their age and identity.

The user then waves their hand over the device once more to complete the payment.


Amazon’s palm-swiping technology, Amazon One, once again takes a bold leap, expanding its usage to include alcohol purchases. 

While this integration promises to simplify transactions, the discussion on data privacy persists. 

Amazon assures robust data security and privacy measures, ensuring a user’s palm data remains encrypted and secure. 

In a world leaning more towards convenience, only time will tell if customers are ready to trade their wallet for a wave of the hand.


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